Siblings | April 2018

I have been waiting so long for this moment, my first sibling post with my 3 beautiful children all together! Our latest and final addition arrived in the world on the 10th April, at 11:56pm and he was not hanging around either! I think he was way to excited to come out and join the chaos of our crazy household, and meet his older Brother and Sister. I keep sitting here thinking about the moment we surprised them with their new baby Brother, we asked them to shut their eyes and then Daddy brought him in and when they opened their eyes they was so excited and happy, Isla literally did not stop smiling... in fact Ive never seen her smile so much in all her life, she was beaming from ear to ear and immediately fell in love, she of course went straight into her mothering mode and wanted to hold him and look after him. Arch on the other hand was a lot more chilled, he wanted to hold him and see him but it was short lived, he was back to playing with his trains within 10 minutes. Both of them have adjusted really well to having a baby in the house, don't get me wrong they've definitely been trying to push the boundaries and have been testing us, but towards the baby they are so in love with him. 

Archie is a lot more relaxed and very much likes to interact with the baby on his terms and when he wants, but over the last week he's been wanting to get more involved with him and I've caught him a couple times reassuring Jax that its OK and rubbing his head when he has been crying. I cant wait to watch their bond grow and see the differences between the boys and how they all get along. This new journey with 3 is definitely one I am looking forward to, anxious at the same time as for almost 3 years its just been my big 2 and part of me is a bit sad now that chapter is closed, but to have 3 of them now its just the best feeling in the world, we really do feel happy and complete. 

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

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