Jax | 1 Month Update

Our little baby J is now 1 whole month old, its so strange though as he was born only just on the 10th April so at only 4 minutes old he was already classed as 1 day old.. so in true form I'm sat here at 11:24pm typing this up as very soon he will properly be 1 month old! Jokes.. this is the only time I get these days haha. So I have a lot to update on, a lot has been going on with this little bundle of ours, I will start with weight as he was only just weighed yesterday and he was 8lb 15oz! He was born at 6lb 5oz so he's doing really well with putting on weight, to be exact the last 2 weeks he has put on 1lb a week, which isn't surprising as he is drinking guzzling down 5oz bottles every 2-3 hours! He is completely out of tiny baby clothing, and now up to 1 month is tight on him so I've just taken them out of his drawers even though he could still get 1 more wear out of them still, he is wearing newborn size from John Lewis as they seem a bit more roomy than the others? Its funny how different brands come up different in size, so for now he's in newborn sleep suits and 0-3 month vests. He is now in size 1 nappies, wasn't it just yesterday he was in micro nappies.. oh wait it was *sob*

His hair is starting to go light, and he has the longest eye lashes that also seem really light so I'm pretty certain he will go blonde like his big sis & bro. His cord fell off at last but I realised something wasn't quite right with his belly button, the midwife confirmed he has a umbilical hydrogloma, which we was hoping would heal itself but its recently popped back up and is a bit weepy again so we need to get it seen by the GP soon. His dry skin has pretty much all flaked off now and he's also suffering with baby acne at the moment but Ive just left it alone and it seems to be going already. Jax is staying awake a lot longer now and its so nice to interact with him, he loves looking around and takes everything in with his blue eyes which are also getting lighter as the days go by. 

Ive just moved him onto comfort milk as he has started suffering quite bad with colic! Last night being the worst so far, it took me 3 hours to settle him, and it broke my heart knowing I couldn't do much to help, or what I was doing wasn't doing much for the poor guy. We also have bought some Dr Brown bottles as well to help him in the evenings with it... any tips please send them my way! I cant believe how much he has changed already in such a short amount of time, I am so looking forward to watching him grow. 

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