Me & Mine | April 2018

Oh April... what a month you was! We welcomed the last addition to our family, our little Jax. He arrived 2 weeks early and well we are so happy that he is finally here safe and sound, after a somewhat scary last few moments of birth as soon as he was born he let the whole world know he had arrived... what a reassuring sound! We've been adjusting to life as a family of five over the last few weeks, I won't lie its been a bit hectic and I've not known if I'm coming or going but I feel we are finally getting into the groove of things, you also forget a bit of how time consuming looking after a newborn can be! 

The big 2 have been pretty amazing at adjusting though, and they are so in love with their baby Brother. We only managed one photo of the five of us, we really need to try get a nice canvas worthy one soon though! But for now.. here is us, our family of five, complete.

The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful

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