Our Disneyland Plans!

So in just 3 sleeps time we will be heading off *extremely early* to Disneyland Paris! We still haven't told the little's that we are going, I think we are going to tell them on the Sunday evening so they know why we are getting them up early, and hope that it goes in our favour and they co operate with us to function so early. We are going to Disney for 4 nights / 5 days and I so can not wait! We booked this back in January when they had the 2 nights free and 15% off offer which definitely helped as we are going in the start of the 6 weeks holidays... please hope we cope ok! We are also in the middle of some freak heatwave at the moment so yeah kind of dreading that a bit, but otherwise I am SO excited and cant wait to get there. 

We are staying in the Santa Fe (Cars Hotel) as this one actually worked out the cheapest, we was hoping to stay at the Davy Crockett Ranch but it was more expensive and they are also refurbishing the pool so we wouldn't of even been able to use that either, but we will definitely be booking there for next time though! We are driving to Disneyland, which some people were a bit shocked about as we will have all 3 children with us, but in our eyes its definitely the easiest and more flexible way for us. We have so much to take and having traveled via Eurostar before we just didn't feel it was the best way to travel this time round. We have a 2 hour drive to the Eurotunnel, then the train takes 35 minutes and then once we get off at Calais we have a 3 hour drive to Disneyland, so its not too terrible and we can unbuckle the kids on the train and let them stretch for a bit too. 

Siblings | July 2018

In my head this months Siblings photos was going to look so much different, but I guess that's the reality of having 3 young children! If you look closely you will see a horrible cut on Arch's arm that happened on the way to take these photos and he was not happy... I don't blame him it looked so sore! I think he is the hardest to capture at the moment, he's such a strong willed wild boy and its his way or no way, so this is the best I could do. My big girl on the other hand is such a mini mother to her littlest brother, she would happily sit and hold him all day whilst smiling for the camera, and I guess Jax well he doesn't really have a choice at the moment does he!

A 1st Swim | Alton Towers Waterpark

So a couple of weeks back our baby boy went for his 1st swim at Alton Towers Splash Landings! We was fully prepared with our Konfidence products to test out as we are lucky enough to be one of their baby swimologists this year. It was SO warm in the pool area which was perfect for our baby boys first swim, he pulled a face when he first got put in but he soon relaxed and was totally just chilling in the pool with Daddy and his big brother! Alton Towers Splash Landings are currently offering a parent and toddler mid week swim (under 3s) during term time only for just £7! - usually £16.50. You can also get a loyalty card if your local and save up 8 stamps for a free swim for you and your child.