Jax 3 Month Update

So this has turned more into a 3 3/4 month update, my Mac has been broken but its now fixed yippee! I can finally catch up and share how our little baby Bear is doing at 3 months old. I got him weighed at 14 weeks and he weighed 14lb exactly, he seems to be having a few struggles which I will go into in a bit, so as a result his weight gain seems to be slowing up a bit but he is still gaining so that's the main thing and I'm not concerned at all. He is wearing size 4 nappies, 3-6 month sleep suits and clothes and is drinking 5oz of milk every 3 hours, a big change is he is now sleeping threw the night, he goes down at 9pm and will sleep until 7am. He has around 4-5 bottles a day.

He is smiling, cooing, and starting to respond to us playing with him and making silly high pitch noises, he absolutely LOVES his big brother and sister as well. His hair is going really light, so far he has not lost any and doesn't seem to be getting the baby bald patch at the back either. His eyes are light blue, which is no surprise as we all have light blue eyes in this house! I am loving his chubby cheeks and the arm/leg rolls that he is now getting, they just make my heart melt. He is loving bath time, he loves to be upright now and refuses to be laid down. We have moved him from his carry cot on the pram to the main seat now (his seat was suitable from birth anyway) and he is loving it, I have him slightly raised up and he's so nosey he will happily sit watching everyone and everything. For the most part he is a happy baby boy.

So from an early age we seem to have struggled with feeding Jax, he was diagnosed with silent reflux at 6/7 weeks old and we was prescribed Gaviscon for him. It did help and after a few weeks he seemed to have got better, but he's never been what id call a settled baby, he is so miserable after his bottles and it can take ages to settle him, he has such excessive wind that he is still struggling with now and its making life just stressful to be honest. I don't want to take him out anywhere as he can just scream and scream after a bottle, its hard. We are using a mixture (not all at the same time) of Infacol, Gripe Water and we also use Dr Brown bottles which he hates and they don't make a difference, we also use Mam but again he is still miserable with them. I'm starting to wonder if he could have a mild intolerance to wheat or cows milk? He also gets constipated and gets in a state when he needs to go, so we also have liquid lactulose for that. I just want my baby to be happy but it seems nothing I am doing is helping. I'm hoping to get him back to the doctors soon and see what advise they can give us. 

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