Me & Mine | July 2018

Oh I had such a better vision for these photos... as some of you know if you've been following me for a while, we have a very large family photo canvas in our living area from our holiday to Egypt in 2015. Well now our family is complete and Jax is here I thought its about time we get a new photo to have up on the wall. Well on this evening I was so hoping to capture it, but it all went wrong on the way when Isla tripped Archie up whilst they was running down to the beach.. and well as you can see from the photo he is sporting a rather large graze on his arm! To be fair he was so good about it and hardly cried but after he saw the blood he was not in no mood for photos! 

July was a pretty good month, the main exciting things being Isla breaking up from school and our trip to Disneyland Paris *posts coming very soon!* We had such a good week at Disney and its kicked the holidays off to a great start. We was all so ready for a break and are so excited for 6 1/2 weeks off, yep that half totally counts. This month has seen Jax grow so much and slowly becoming a lot more involved with us all, he's more aware of his surroundings now and we all love to make him smile, it won't be long and he will be running round with his siblings! We have a few things to think about over the next few weeks, and a move might be on the cards, possibly even a new location too. I'm just taking it all as it comes and embracing the chaos that we have created.

So far the holidays are going great and I cant wait to go on lots of adventures with my little tribe.

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  1. Oh no, poor thing! That must have been painful and he looks a bit pained in the first pic. The second one though, looks like he already forgot all about it! Lovely photos of your family :) #meandmine


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