Siblings | August 2018

Ah my little trio, how you have all changed these last few weeks, the holidays have definitely been a part in how close you have all become, although I was looking forward to the holidays part of me in the back of my mind was wondering how we would all get on being around one another 24/7 but its not been too terrible. They have played so well and we have had so many adventures, its been amazing. Our baby boy is getting so alert now and is laughing at his big sister and brother, they absolutely love it, I cant wait to see how they dynamic between them changes as he gets older and can join in with them. 

They all have completely different personalities, but they compliment one another so well and they fit together like a puzzle. Our big Girl being the shy, reserved one who worries and panics if she sees her brother in danger, then we have our middle boy... the wild child, he is overly confident, crazy and just makes us all laugh everyday, then we have the sweet baby boy, who smiles and laughs at most people, but can also scream his head off at strangers, I cant wait to see what he's like as he grows. Looks wise, you can tell they are all related, the boys are like twins 3 years apart (with small differences).

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