Driving To Disneyland Paris!

We recently visited Disneyland Paris and had such a great time, this is the first time we have ever driven to Disney and I thought I'd share our thoughts and experience about it so if you are considering it this may be useful for you. The reason we decided to drive this time was because of how much stuff we had to take - travelling with 3 young children, one being just 3 months old at the time required a lot of stuff! We also was doing the whole trip on a budget and this was the cheapest way to travel, it also meant we had the freedom to stop when we wanted, just so much easier with younger children. 

So how long did it take us...
It took us 2 hours to drive to the Euro Tunnel, 35 minutes on the train and then its about 3 hours from the train to Disneyland. With check in/passport control and a couple short stops it took us about 6 hours. Which does sound a lot but last time with the Euro Star we had to drive to the train, park, check in, board, hand our luggage in at the train station etc and that all added together can take the same amount of time or more! We got to Disneyland at 1pm and on the way home we left the park at 4:30pm and was home for 11pm that night. 

Boarding the train was pretty easy, everything was sign posted clearly. It wasn't long at all before we was boarding the train, the kids found it so exciting as well. Once on board you are free to move around, we took the children to the toilet on board. We also got the baby out of his car seat for a stretch and we all had some snacks I brought for breakfast as it was still early. It wasn't long at all before we was told we could start the engine to get off the train. 

Once off the train it was pretty much one straight line all the way to Disney, my Husband did all the driving and he said it wasn't bad at all driving on the other side of the road. When driving in France you have to carry certain items whilst being the car or you can be fined, we found it cheaper to actually buy the things we needed instead of the pre done car kits. 

You legally need.. 
- A GB sticker (unless you have one on your number plate already)
- High Visibility vests for everyone in the car. We got them off eBay.
- A breathalyser. We bought a reusable one off eBay for £6.
- First Aid kit (our car has one built in) but these are cheap enough and handy too.
- A reflective triangle (our car also has one) 
- Light deflectors for your headlights. Our car can manually do this so do check your car before buying. 
- A spare bulb kit. 

You also need to carry these documents in the car with you as well..

- Your full valid driving license. 
- Proof of insurance.
- Proof of ID (Passport)
- Registration Document (V5C Certificate)

Its also worth ringing your insurance company to add on European cover or to check if you have it on your policy already. We also got breakdown cover to cover us whilst in France, because you just never know do you. 

On the way to Disney and also on the way back to the EuroTunnel you go through a toll, its pretty simple although it is on the wrong side of the car so can be tricky if you don't have a passenger. We found the lanes that you paid via card went a lot quicker than the cash only queues. I cant remember an exact amount but it was around €22 ?

How much did it cost us?
It cost us £90 in Diesel, that was there, home and also around town once back. We used our Tesco Clubcard Vouchers to help with the Euro Tunnel. I used £35 in club card vouchers and this got us £105 to use and I put £33 towards it. We picked a early train going out and a late train coming home and these worked out cheaper. Plus tolls on the way there and home the total was £163. Parking was free at the hotel, we stayed in the Santa Fe and walked everyday to the park which only took 10/15 mins. 

Keeping The Kids Entertained
The kids done great on the journey, only needing the toilet once whilst on the train, other than that they happily enjoyed the journey down to the train just talking, we was busy on the train with snacks and once we got off I gave them their iPads, followed by a rucksack with snacks and some Crayola colouring sets, the magic pens that only colour on the paper thank goodness! 

That is all I can think of right now, but if you have any questions please ask and I will happily answer. We would definitely drive to Disneyland again, especially whilst the children are still young and also to help keep costs down when needed. 

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