Me & Mine | October 2018

October seemed to fly by in a flash? It started off with some beautiful days, where you could go on walks in just a t-shirt and still be hot. The leaves on the trees turned a beautiful orange and red colour and conker wars were happening at Isla's school. As soon as half term hit the weather changed, in the past week the weather seems to have taken a huge drop in temperature. Its back to spending 10 minutes before you even get out the door to put your coat, hat, scarf and gloves on. Id say that's the thing I really don't like about this weather. We are all feeling a bit glum at the moment, but trying to look forward to the upcoming exciting things like Halloween, Bonfire Night, a certain little girl turning 6 followed very shortly after by Christmas. Its this part of the year that seems to go the quickest, October to January. 

Life lately has been busy in our household, well I say lately its pretty much 24/7, who am I kidding. I'm finding it hard to get the balance right between everything and everyday feels like I'm just trying to keep my head above water. I'm hoping over the next few weeks I can focus more on my blog and getting back into it again. Daddy has been adjusting to his new job and its nice as some days he can work from home, its so nice to have an actual grown up to talk to during in the day. 

Our big girl is finding the adjustment into year 1 a bit tough, going from mostly play and only having to read 5 times a week into work only and 3 bits of homework and spellings a week plus her reads. Ive never known her to behave so badly at home, but in all honesty I think she is just finding the new year a bit of a shock and overwhelming. Our Wild boy, well he's just crazy as ever at the moment, he is loving pre-school and we have noticed a slight improvement in his behaviour. Finally our baby boy, he's growing so much, October saw him turn 6 months old, and we could start to wean him which has been fun, he's so different from his older siblings and we are enjoying getting to know him and his ways. He has just started moving around and rolling on the carpet and it won't be long before he is crawling! 

Hopefully things can settle down a little soon, but until then we are just going to enjoy everyday and keep going. November is already looking to be a better month and we cant wait. 

Letting Him Go Underwater!

So our little boy has now been doing his swimming lessons for 7 weeks, he is a pro at going under the water, he doesn't cry at all anymore and it shows that he is learning his cue for going under the water. He absolutely loves his swimming lessons and its also a special time for him and Daddy to get some bonding time, and some physical activity too. Over the weeks we have learnt a lot of the actions and songs to go with them, we was going to alternate lessons but its been easier for Daddy to just do them as he knows what to do, I am hoping to get in their with Jax soon. It hasn't been all song and games though, over the weeks we have also learnt some vital safety skills.

Its Time For A Change..

So a couple weeks back now I was sitting on the sofa when my 3 year old came over and sat down next to me, after sitting in awkward silence for a minute he comes out with "Mummy, when is the new baby coming out of your belly?" at first I just laughed it off as I have only just given birth 6 months ago, but later that night I was sitting on the bed and thanks to our mirror sliding wardrobe doors I cant really hide from my reflection... it hit me. 

For the last few months I have been feeling really down, mostly from general life things but my feelings towards my body has got a lot worse, hardly any of my clothes fit and if they do they just feel tight on me and I just get angry and take them off. If I have my photo taken I cringe and can really see how I look to others, and its not nice. I am so proud of my body and the 3 amazing children its given me, its also suffered miscarriages, a crap ton of stress and upset over the last few years too, so I totally don't blame myself at all. But I just don't feel happy any more, I don't feel good about myself and its time for a change. I don't have a goal weight in mind, it will just be whenever I look in the mirror and feel happy with what I see. 

I am almost at 1 week into my new lifestyle, I'm not doing any crazy diets, just simply swapping certain foods for healthier ones, drinking more water (seriously my Relentless addiction was ridiculous) eating more fruit and veg, along with doing a few 7 minute HIIT workouts a week, generally I do a lot of walking every week as I don't drive so that helps too. My Fitbit also gives me huge motivation as well, so if you have one and would like to be friends on there then give me a message! 

I cant wait to weigh in on Monday and measure myself again to see what I've lost, so see you then!