Letting Him Go Underwater!

So our little boy has now been doing his swimming lessons for 7 weeks, he is a pro at going under the water, he doesn't cry at all anymore and it shows that he is learning his cue for going under the water. He absolutely loves his swimming lessons and its also a special time for him and Daddy to get some bonding time, and some physical activity too. Over the weeks we have learnt a lot of the actions and songs to go with them, we was going to alternate lessons but its been easier for Daddy to just do them as he knows what to do, I am hoping to get in their with Jax soon. It hasn't been all song and games though, over the weeks we have also learnt some vital safety skills.

^ Jax has learnt how to hold on to the rail for safety, and its all taught in a fun way with songs and lots of praise too. These are such important things to learn as well as just standard swimming, and its great he's learning it all from a young age too. He has also been learning how to enter the pool correctly and he is in the process of learning that if he should ever fall in, to turn onto his back and go back to the side and hold on. Its incredible seeing him learn these things at such a young age and giving him confidence in the water too. 

Before half term we had one of our biggest lessons yet, it was time to LET GO of him under the water... yes that's right, actually let him go underwater. I sat on the side nervously giving my Husband "the look" as in you best bloody grab him in time. The first time the instructor did it and Daddy got to watch him underwater with his goggles on, he said Jax used his arms and legs to kick himself back to the top! How amazing is that!? The second time it was Daddy's turn to let go of him, and you could just see him under the water swimming back up to the top, we are so proud of him!

^ He is also building his confidence swimming on his back.

We are looking forward to getting back to swimming lessons this Saturday! :) 

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