Stocking Fillers | 8 Month Old Boy

This is the last of my stocking filler posts, its crazy that I now have to organise 3 children's stockings! So our baby boy is only 8 months old, which was quite difficult when it come to finding small items to go in his stocking. He has 4 things and his siblings have 8, but I honestly don't think they will notice and he is only a baby so he won't know either. I actually haven't even got him a stocking yet... oops I best get one soon! 

Stocking Fillers | 3 Year Old Boy

Following on from my last stocking filler post, I am now going to show what we have got our wild boy for his stocking this year. He is 3 3/4 so closer to 4 now, and I have to admit it was a bit of a struggle this year for him, so he hasn't got as much as a variety as his sister but regardless he will still love everything he is getting. I found him easier on the present side of things this year. He still has the same amount of things as his sister, but it just seems like he has less for some reason. 

Stocking Fillers | 6 Year Old Girl

I thought I would share what our big girl will be getting in her stocking this year, I feel like she's at such a good age now and she's a lot easier to buy for. She loves all little bits and pieces, especially her art bits like pens, pencils etc. I managed to get her a good variety of bits this year and didnt need to spend much at all either which is always a bonus! I hope this can help you if you're stuck for ideas or if you're like me and just love looking at what other people are getting their children for Christmas! Most of her bits are from Primark or Poundland.