Stocking Fillers | 3 Year Old Boy

Following on from my last stocking filler post, I am now going to show what we have got our wild boy for his stocking this year. He is 3 3/4 so closer to 4 now, and I have to admit it was a bit of a struggle this year for him, so he hasn't got as much as a variety as his sister but regardless he will still love everything he is getting. I found him easier on the present side of things this year. He still has the same amount of things as his sister, but it just seems like he has less for some reason. 

Hot Wheels cars - all from Poundland
Smarties - Poundland
Baby Secrets - Tesco £1.50
Building Site Set - Lidl £3.99
Spiderman Flannel - Wilkinsons £2
Toothbrush - Poundland 

I hope you find this helpful if you're stuck for ideas!

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