Stocking Fillers | 6 Year Old Girl

I thought I would share what our big girl will be getting in her stocking this year, I feel like she's at such a good age now and she's a lot easier to buy for. She loves all little bits and pieces, especially her art bits like pens, pencils etc. I managed to get her a good variety of bits this year and didnt need to spend much at all either which is always a bonus! I hope this can help you if you're stuck for ideas or if you're like me and just love looking at what other people are getting their children for Christmas! Most of her bits are from Primark or Poundland. 

Doughnut pen - Primark for 50p in the sale. 
Highlighter set - Poundland 
Hot Wheels car - Poundland
Flamingo lip gloss - Primark £1.50 near the till
Smarties - Poundland 
Disney Ooshies pencil topper - Tesco £1.50
Baby Secrets - Tesco £1.50
Toothbrush - Poundland

That is everything she will be getting this year, I tend to wrap up some bits and then leave some bits unwrapped, so they can just pull them out and have a look. I cant wait to see her face on Christmas morning! Do you wrap up your children's stocking fillers? 

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