Stocking Fillers | 8 Month Old Boy

This is the last of my stocking filler posts, its crazy that I now have to organise 3 children's stockings! So our baby boy is only 8 months old, which was quite difficult when it come to finding small items to go in his stocking. He has 4 things and his siblings have 8, but I honestly don't think they will notice and he is only a baby so he won't know either. I actually haven't even got him a stocking yet... oops I best get one soon! 

Munchkin Bath Toy - Amazon £4.77
Toothbrush set - Primark £2
Book Library - 20p from my Mums work
Wooden Hot Wheels car - Poundland

We are so looking forward to our baby boys 1st Christmas, it will be our first Christmas Day as a family of 5 as well. Hopefully next year I will be able to get him some better bits to go in his stocking but for now I think he will be happy with what he receives! 

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