Monday, 18 May 2015

Archie's 2 Week Update

Archie turned 2 weeks old on Saturday, his second week of life was less hectic than the first, so it was nice to spend some proper time all together as a family. We was discharged by the midwife on Tuesday, when she was here she weighed him and he was 8lb 3oz so only 1oz off his birth weight. Monday was his first full day on formula, he is on Cow & Gate, and seems to have adjusted well to it from the breast milk. He is definitely a hungry boy and likes his milk, on Friday we had the health visitor come over to meet us, she weighed him again and he was 8lb 9oz - so that's a 6oz gain from Tuesday, he is now also taking 5oz every 4 hours. He loves the bath, he is so calm and content in the water which is great as we are a huge water sport beach family. He will also be doing swimming lessons in a few weeks time just like we done with Isla, I cant wait to take him. He is no longer in newborn and up to 1 month vests and sleep suits, but clothes wise he is in up to 1 month and some 0-3 month stuff, the rest is huge on him. He is now 57cm long, he was 55cm at birth, his hair is also growing a lot more on the top and is going really light, I can see some blond starting to come through so I think he will definitely go light. His eyes are still blue and are also getting lighter, when he was born he had bloodshot eyes from the pressure of coming so quick, but that has almost all gone now which is good. He is staying awake a lot more now, up to 2 hours at one time which is nice, of a night time he is waking twice a night, and on a few occasions has only woken once which is amazing, he definitely seems to know when its time to sleep. 

He is a really happy content baby, he's not keen on getting changed but I think every baby hates being changed, that is the only time he usually cries unless he is hungry and I'm taking too long to get a bottle to him. His newborn skin has almost completely peeled off, he was really dry when he was born and has been peeling since, but he only has a little bit left on his arms and legs. His belly button has started to go in, we had a couple of days when it was catching on his nappy and it bled but it seems all better now. He is a big dreamer, he cries, whimpers, shakes his legs, twitches, and taps his foot while sleeping - I'd love to know what he could possibly be dreaming about!? He has filled out so much now, he looks so different from when he was a few days old. I fall more and more in love with him everyday, and I am loving that he loves to be close by his Mummy, Isla is a major Daddy's girl so its nice that Archie likes to be by me, I don't feel so left out now hehe. 

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Siblings | May

On the 2nd May we welcomed our second baby into the world, little Archie. So this is the first month I am joining in with the siblings linky and I've been so looking forward to doing it ever since we found out we was expecting again. For me I was so excited to see what Archie would look like, would he look like Isla? When I held him in my arms I could see that he definitely looked like his Big Sister Isla, although now that the puffiness has gone down from his face he has his own look, but you can tell they are related. In some pictures of Isla you can really see Archie, and if he was dressed in pink you would say it was Isla. I love that they both look similar yet different in their own ways, I cant wait to watch him grow and see what he looks like, will he also go blond like Isla? Will he take after his dad and be a really chubby cute baby... I cant wait to see!

Archie is 2 weeks old now and in that time Isla has created such a bond with her baby brother. The first time she see him she was so excited shouting 'Baby!' And immediately wanting to hold him and look after him. She has done so well with accepting Archie, she adores him and loves him so much already, it's probably the most amazing thing to watch as parents, watching your first born love and care for another sibling, and watching their bond grow is truly the best thing ever. Although Archie is too young to pay attention to Isla he definitely knows when she is around, if he hears her laughing or crying he will look around for her, and he genuinely seems pretty happy and excited when she is making a fuss of him. 

Isla always wants to hold Archie, it's so sweet she sits on the bed or sofa and grabs a pillow shouting 'c'mon' patting the pillow for me to lay the baby on it. She puts his little soft toys in his Moses basket when he is in it, she gives him his dummy back if he spits it out and is crying, she covers him up with a blanket, she loves stroking his hair and helping me with looking after him. I couldn't be more proud of her, and I'm so looking forward to watching them both grow together, as best friends. 

dear beautiful

Friday, 15 May 2015

Me & Mine: April 2015

April has been a funny month, we have done so much but it feels like it has been over in a flash, if im honest I thought we was going to be a family of four this month. But my due date was yesterday and I am still pregnant and of course we are now in May so April is officially our last month as a family of three. But at least I can say that Me & Mine May we WILL be a family of four and I will be holding a little tiny new born in our photos! This month we have been getting everything ready for little man, packing the hospital bags, enjoying quality time with Isla, me and Perry went on our first time in ages date (and last date for ages no doubt), and we have also been enjoying the lovely few days of good weather as well.

Mummy's April Highlights

- Lots of quality time with Isla, making memories before the babies arrival.
- The weather getting warmer.. finally. 
- Wearing a maxi dress with bump, I was worried I wouldn't get to but I have now yay.
- Going on a date with Perry, we went to Nando's and then the cinema to see Fast & Furious 7, we haven't done anything like this in years! 

Daddy's April Highlights

- Teaching Isla to say the babies name.
- Going swimming and watching Isla swim using her arms at last! 
- Going back to the gym, while he can before the baby comes at least.
- Loving the 'When I see you again' Paul Walker tribute song.

Isla's April Highlights

- Making Disney Princess cakes with Mummy. 
- Her first time crabbing with Mummy and her friend Hannah.
- Going to the beach in the good weather and making sand castles, throwing stones in the sea, eating chips and ice cream.
- Getting excited seeing all of the babies bits, and helping Mummy to prepare everything.

dear beautiful

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Archie's 1 Week Update

Archie turned 1 week old yesterday, it's been a long tiring week, but so worth it. When the midwife came to see us on day 5 he weighed 7lb 11oz, so he has lost weight but this is completely normal. He was breast fed for 3 days, but because of my hormones and feelings we decided to put him on expressed milk in bottles, and now we are slowly weaning him gradually onto formula, for his benefit and also mine. With Isla I just stopped pumping and the pain was horrendous, so this time the midwife advised dropping a pumping session a day. He is on 6-7 4oz bottles a day around every 3-4 hours, he wakes twice in the night around midnight and again around 3-4am then sleeps until 7:30am so that's pretty good. When I was breast feeding I wasn't going to sleep until 5am and then up at 8am and I was exhausted, just by him having it in a bottle it means he has 4oz of breast milk and a nappy change, then back in his Moses basket to sleep in a hour! 

Day 6 Archie lost his cord, so that means now we can give him a bath! His skin has been so dry and we had to put baby oil on him to help. I think we will bath him tomorrow which I'm looking forward to, I hope he likes the water. He is generally a really content baby, he hates nappy changes and getting dressed, I've also been peed on many many times already haha. He now has a dummy, we only use it to hold him off if we are still getting his feed ready and he starts crying, also to help get him off to sleep if he needs it. 

His hair has already started getting lighter, it's a real light brown in colour in the light, Isla was born with black hair so I reckon he will go light as well. His eyes are blue and are also getting lighter, he has blood shot eyes from the pressure of being born a little too quickly, the midwife said this should go in a few weeks. 

He has been out 4 times this week, once to the hospital for his hearing test which he passed, then on to Asda - we used one of them trolleys where you can put the car seat on and he slept the whole time. The second time we took him out it was raining really heavily, we got him registered and then went to Debenhams to change both of the kids and while we fed him we had a hot chocolate! Thursday we went for a walk, got chips and took Isla to the park, he slept the whole time in his carrycot and looked so cute. Yesterday we went to town and once again he was such a good boy. It takes us about 10 minutes to get out the car now, and set up the pushchair etc. We are gradually getting better and quicker at it though haha. 

I think that's it for his first week of life, I've been a bit all over the place with adjusting to life now I'm a mum of 2. But I am slowly getting the hang of it now and starting to get use to it more.