Sunday, 30 August 2015

Potty Training | Week 2

Week two has been really really good, and I can safely say that Isla is potty trained, well 99% trained in the day time, we will work on night time in a few months. She does not have wee accidents at all anymore, I was worried as at the end of last week she did seem to take a couple of steps back but I soon learnt that it is completely normal for them to have a regression at the end of the first week, so this kind of explains it and I do believe that is what it was. Monday morning she was back to her normal self, and we have been using knickers this week as well. To start with she was sitting on the potty in her knickers and having a wee, so I had to explain to her a few times to tell me when she needed to go and I would help her. So now she often tells me she needs a wee and I pull her knickers down, although the past few days she has been doing it all by herself, she just needs help with pulling them up. Sometimes I see her hold herself and I will ask her if she needs a wee and she says no, then I ask her again and suggest using the big toilet and she says yes and when we go she does have a wee. 

Using The Big Toilet
Surprisingly she started to ask to use the big toilet, so I have set up a stool so she can hop on and off the big toilet by herself, and sometimes she asks for the potty and sometimes the big toilet. She is doing so well and doesn't even need a seat to go on top of the big toilet either. 

Going Out And Staying At My Parents
She has stayed at my parents house and while she was there she has been using the potty and also telling my mum when she needed to go. I'm pleased that she seems comfortable in other places to go to the toilet so that is good. The ONE issue we have still is that she won't tell us when she needs a poo and therefore goes in her underwear, on day one of potty training she went on the potty but that is the only time. So we are still working on that, and also going out is a bit of a nightmare, I do put her in a pull up. Tonight we went out for a meal and she was in a pull up, while we was there I asked her if she needed a wee and she said yes so we went to the big toilets and she went. About 10 minutes later she told us she needed a wee again and I took her and she went again, so I think we are getting somewhere with using the toilet while out so that is good. 

I cant believe how amazing she has done, it only really took a week to train her, we had a few little hiccups at the end of the first week but that is normal, now she seems fully adjusted to telling us when she needs a wee and using either the potty or the big toilet. We have a couple of little things that we still need to work on but I would say yes she is potty trained at home. Going out... its still early days, and I think a lot of it is to do with her confidence. 

I will be sharing some tips and items we have been using since potty training in the hope it can help another parent going through potty training. 

Me & Mine: July 2015

* I know I know this is too late to link up but I still wanted to document it*
July has been a super busy month for us, it has been filled with lots of family and friend get togethers, Perry took a day off work and we had a family day out at the Zoo and splash park, I then got a train with my friend to Clacton for the day and spent lots of time with friends in the good weather we had. We had messy play days at home with friends, I also had a night in with a friend and had a few drinks too! We had our local fair that comes every year and Isla was so excited this year going on nearly every ride, we also got the boat and jet bike out a few times as well. I also started the gym so look out for a post on that soon, and to top the month off Archie's special silver penny came! 

Mummy's July Highlights

- Going to the zoo and splash park on a day that Daddy would normally be at work!
- Letting her hair down and having a few too many drinks with her friend. 
- Lots of good weather so that only means BBQ's with friends and family. 
- Spending lots of time down on the beach with friends. 

Daddy's July Highlights 

- Having a night out with his friends and also had too much to drink, apparently he is never drinking again?
- Getting out on the jet bike a few times.
- Going to the gym with Mummy.
- Taking Mummy out for a meal and having a night together (well we did have Archie too but he don't count as he sleeps in hehe) 

Isla's July Highlights

- Going on her first roller coaster all by herself.
- Going to Clacton twice and winning Elsa and Anna off of the 2p machines with Mummy.
- Playing on the beach with her buckets and sand moulds.
- Giving up her dummy and getting a treat for doing so well. 

Archie's July Highlights

- Receiving his lucky silver penny for being born the same day as Princess Charlotte.
- Getting his passport photo taken... yes its priceless. 
- Laughing for the first time at Mummy. 
- Going to the zoo and splash park for the first time. 

Mummy & Me | August

August seems to have flown by, we haven't been as busy as last month and I am kinda glad that things seem to have slowed down a bit. I mean it is lovely going out and making the most of the weather but boy is it tiring! This month has been a bit more chilled, we have been going out on the boat and this month Isla came out for the first time too! Its been a month of quality family time, we have watched the fireworks together for our yearly tradition, but of course this was our first year as a family of four. Me and Isla have been doing lots of art activities, we have been going over to the park, swimming and so much more. Archie has grown so much this month, I keep looking at July's photos and just think to myself how did you get so big!? I am looking forward to the colder months coming up and being able to hideaway at home, I feel like I'm ready for it and I'm looking forward to some of the activities I have planned for the winter months too! 

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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Mrs Gleam's Little Darlings Range Review

Mrs Gleam has recently released a Little Darlings range which includes a potty spray, a car seat and buggy cleaner and a highchair cleaner, all of which are safe around children, safe on skin and eco friendly, so I was super happy about that, and even more so that all three products within 30 seconds will kill 99,999% of germs! All items are 100ml so are suitable to take on holiday in your hold luggage as well which is handy for our upcoming holiday. Each spray is £3.99 or you can get all three in a handy little bag for £9.99 either on the website, Kiddicare or other participating stores. 

The Potty spray has been fantastic as we are currently going through potty training with Isla, so I give the potty a spray after every use just to keep the germs at bay, and because I know it is safe around children I don't mind using it sparingly either, it is handy for on the go as well, the bottle is small enough to put in my nappy bag to use when we are out. The potty spray is apple scented which is nice so it doesn't seem to burn your nose like other antibacterial sprays. 

Isla does not use a highchair at home anymore, sometimes when we go out she will so again this is handy to fit in my nappy bag and also for when we go on holiday so I can spray the seat and table, and after 30 seconds its safe to eat off. I will be saving this for when Archie starts weaning at 6 months so I can spray his high chair after meals. I did use this spray on Isla's table and chairs that she does sit down to eat her meals at. 

The car seat and buggy cleaner is a great one, I was unaware that actually a car seat and buggy are probably covered the most in germs. I never thought about them that much but thinking about it now makes me shiver. I gave Archie's car seat a spray, and I also am yet to do Isla's but we have decided we are going to take it out the car so I can give it a good clean, and spray with this product as it can be used as a cleaner too. I sprayed both of the pushchairs, the Cosatto wasn't dirty as its fairly new but it was nice to spray it so I know the germs are almost gone, I did use the cleaning method on the iCandy though as when I looked at it I was surprised at how dirty it was. Im so use to putting the kids in and not really looking at the seats, the marks did come off the seat which was good, I just need to hoover them out now as the amount of crumbs etc in the creases is disgusting! Im definitely going to make a habit of spraying the seats often with this spray, especially in the winter. 

Here is a before and after when I used the car seat and buggy cleaner, you can see on the before picture that there was a mark on the right shoulder strap and also at the bottom right there was a mark as well. The spray done well as a cleaner, you just simply spray the marks, leave it to work for a little bit and then wipe (you can also repeat this step if needed) and you can also just spray the whole thing to get rid of the germs that you cant see. I sprayed the bumper bar (a common thing for young children to bite) and also the foam handles I sprayed as well. Im really happy with all the sprays and I love the size of them as well to put in your nappy bag, I hope they bring out bigger versions to keep in your cupboard at home as well. I am also going to check out the other Mrs Gleam products for around the house as I love that they are safe on the skin, safe around my family, eco friendly and non caustic! I love cleaning (weird I know) but the feeling when its all clean just makes me happy and feel better and now I can clean my children's most used items safely and soon my whole home with the rest of the Mrs Gleam products! 

*I was sent the 'on the go' pack to review, I was not paid for this and all opinions are my own as always.
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