Our Bedtime Routine With 2 Toddlers

So today I thought I would share with you our bedtime routine with our two little ones aged 3 and 1, at the moment this seems to work for us and its been like this for the past 3 years. However I think when Isla starts Reception next September we may have to move things forward a bit so she can go to bed a bit earlier... let me know, if your little one is in school aged 5-6 what time do they go to bed? Anyway enough rambling from me, I will start...

5:30pm - I usually start dinner around this time, depending on what we are having I may start earlier. But my aim is to have dinner on the table for 6pm.

6:00pm - Dinner is served and we all sit down to tuck in.

6:20pm - We have usually finished by now and the kids will have a dessert if we have any, either a yoghurt or ice cream as a treat. Although now winter is here we do love a apple crumble now and again.

Mummy & Me | November

I cant believe we are at the end of November already? Since Autumn started it feels like this year is going by in a flash now! We are so busy at the moment with all of Isla's activities, party's and pre-school Christmas plays - I swear this girl has a better social life than me! I didn't really have the time to take us out and get some nice photos, so a quick trip to the park for these and then a search on my mac found me another two that I had forgot about. Hoping next month I will be more organised!

Isla looks so impressed, I think she was thinking Mum stop embarrassing me at the park, everyone is looking at us, hurry up!

The Christmas Bus | Our Experience

We was invited to go to the Christmas Grotto bus today at Tollgate Shopping Centre in Colchester, we had such a great time at this free event and think it was the perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit. I only took Isla with me as I knew she would enjoy it a lot more and is a better age for all the craft fun that they had on board. The bus will be open tomorrow 11am - 5pm and then it will be gone so if your local or in Essex and want some free fun to go to, then definitely head down there. It took us just under an hour to get there by bus and we had such a lovely time, Isla really enjoyed it and after over coming her shyness she really got into it. You can read more details about the event here.

When we arrived we had to wait around 45 minutes to get on the bus, Isla waited so patiently in line and was excited about the bus. We were finally called forward by an Elf who was very friendly and asked Isla what she wanted for Christmas. We got onto the bus and sat down at a table, they were big enough for a family of 4 and there was 4 tables all together and at the back 2 sets of seats for you to wait to be called up to see Santa.

When we sat down a Elf came over and gave us a clear bag and tag, she told Isla to pick her favourite reindeer and using the board to create the reindeer food. Isla picked Rudolph and so we looked to see what food he would like in his food. I thought this was a really nice way of doing it, but Isla couldn't resist and put some silver decorations in hers so hopefully Rudolph wont mind! 

3 Months To Go | Wedding Series

So today its only 3 months to go until the big day! I cant actually believe it, it only feels like yesterday I was saying it was 7 months away and I have blinked and we are now at 3 months! I am feeling like I am getting a little bit of wedding jitters, I cant tell you how nervous I feel about walking down that aisle and saying my vows. Today I thought I would share with you what we have done so far, I cant really show you to much as its all in a cupboard mixed with Isla's Birthday presents and Christmas presents too. We are also holding off to buy anything else for the wedding until after Christmas so I cant wait to share it all with you then.

So what have we done so far, well I have written many lists for a start, and yet I still feel like I am forgetting something, so if you do notice something please do let me know! These are just big things and stuff that we have hired, I will be going into more detail in the new year.

Venue - This is the first thing we booked, we are having our ceremony and reception in the same place so its been pretty straightforward planning wise.

Registrar - Again this is one of the first things we done, we made sure we got our date and time secured well in advance!

Dress - I got my dress in February and actually have it now at my house, it just needs to be altered in January, which I have booked.

Photographer - I hunted Google like a F.B.I agent looking at many photographers and not many I felt were my sort of style, the photos were lovely but just not for me. I finally found the perfect photographer and so we booked him, even though its worked out to be the second most expensive thing!