Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Weaning Archie

We started weaning Archie at 6 months old, which is almost a month ago now! We are doing a mixture of BLW and puree food, this way works out the best for us at the moment, but mostly he has finger food, when we are out he has a pouch and some finger snacks - so a mixture of both feeding ways. His first BLW meal was dinner and we had a beef roast, he managed to eat a whole Yorkshire pudding which he thoroughly enjoyed, mash and veg. We have since had another roast dinner and this time he sucked on slices of beef and seemed to really enjoy that too. He seems such a good eater already, he really loves his food. The first week he had mostly what we was having at the time, he seems to enjoy dinner the most. Here is a list of some of the foods he has been enjoying (and some photos), maybe you can get some ideas and also if you have any recommendations please comment below so I can try him on new things! 

Breakfast - Porridge (either feeds himself with the mam dipper cutlery or I feed it to him) Toast which is cut into slices for him to eat himself. Fruit which he feeds himself or a rusk (trying to use them up)

Lunch - Grated cheese, rice cakes, banana, tangerine, a puree fruit pouch which I feed to him, milk biscuits, boiled egg sliced up, pasta, skinless sausages, strawberries in a mesh feeder, carrot puffs.

Dinner - mainly what we have, rice with korma sauce, naan bread, beef stew, chicken stew, pasta with sauce, Shepard's pie, mash potato, roast dinner, sweet and sour stir fry, spaghetti bolognese, and so much more! 

With the banana i half peel it so he can easily hold onto the bottom of it without it flying out of his hands!

Having his first solids, definitely a Yorkshire pudding monster!

Wasn't a fan of the raspberry rice cakes..

Feeding himself a yogurt for dessert.

Preparing For Weaning

Archie turned 6 months on the 2nd November and we started a mixture of BLW and puree feeding with him, most of it being baby led which he is thoroughly enjoying. I thought I would share how we prepared (actually this post was meant to go up a month ago but shh)

The first and most important thing is the high chair, babies need to be sat upright and in a supported seat, I spent ages hunting around for a high chair as unfortunately Isla's old one got damaged while it was in storage. In the end I went for the Fisher Price space saver high chair, and I am really happy with it and I love that the tray can go in the dish washer and that I don't have a bulky high chair in the kitchen. For how often we have people over to eat its not really a problem for us either having it on one of the dining chairs, it also means he can sit up with us at the table too which is nice. 

I picked him up a couple of plates and bowls from Asda in the baby event just so he could have his own new ones instead of using Isla's old pink ones, although she has already used his ones so I think they will be sharing. We have a few spoons left from when Isla was weaning so for now they will do. 

I got these bibs in Sainsbury's as I like the pull over ones as Isla always use to pull her bibs off. I also got him one of the Tommee Tippee catcher bibs as they are a lifesaver and so handy for BLW. We also have a big splash mat for the floor, as BLW is very very messy. 

What are your favourite things for weaning?

Friday, 20 November 2015

intu Lakeside - Santa's Grotto | Christmas Street

We was kindly invited to attend a VIP blogger event at intu Lakeside for this years Christmas Grotto, I certainly couldn't give it a miss, I was keen for us to visit Santa this year now that Isla is that bit older and also being Archie's 1st Christmas too! 

We all met inside and then was taking out to the Christmas street which is where Santa's grotto and the German Christmas market are located. Santa's grotto is a giant gingerbread house with a ramp for access so perfect for pushchairs and wheelchairs. They also have a buggy park so you can leave your pushchair. While you are waiting to see Santa the grotto has funky mirrors and interactive games on the walls to keep little ones amused while they wait, my favourite was the naughty or nice game. The elves were also very friendly and interacted with the children to help the time pass while we waited, this definitely helped with a impatient 2 year old. Santa's grotto is open from 16th November - 24th December and is £6 per child. 

Santa was friendly and tried to spend as much time as he could with us, it didn't feel rushed and it was nice he was asking about the children. We had a couple of photos taken and then Santa gave the children their presents. We bought our photo and it was £6 although they did lots of bundles if you wanted more, or even key rings and snow globes. The presents were books which I was so happy about, children can never have too many books. Isla got a Tinkerbell sticker book which is her favourite type of book, and Archie got a rhyme book - both were great and I was pleased with them and the quality.

On Christmas Street you will also find a German Christmas Market with many stalls, there was a stall selling Donuts, Crepes and sweets, one selling burgers and German sausages and another with warm drinks, sweets, gingerbread and chocolate. They also had a Hook-A-Christmas-Duck which was £3, and a ride which was £2, Isla really enjoyed the ride and went on twice and both times it was quite a long go which was good! It definitely got us in the Christmas spirit and added to the excitement of visiting the grotto. 

We had such a lovely time and I can highly recommend visiting intu Lakeside for the ultimate Christmas experience. We also love that the Christmas street was right near the car park and the parking is free which is awesome too! For more information on times and booking click here

Location - M&S Food Hall - Car Park 9

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Tips For Getting Better Sleep

Since becoming parents one thing me and Perry definitely don't take for granted anymore is a good nights sleep. Yes we are lucky that both our children slept through the night since being a month old but now we have a toddler and a baby we are a lot more tired now, we go to bed late because we try spending a bit of time together in the evenings, or I play catch up with the housework and chores that I was unable to do in the day. All this has affected our sleep so I'm here to share some tips on getting a good comfortable nights sleep to help other parents out there! What little sleep we do get should be a good sleep, there is nothing worse than waking up feeling like rubbish and still tired. 
One thing a bedroom should be is cosy, comfortable and dark. We are about to start a make over in our bedroom so now seems a good time to look around for items to help make it more cosy and relaxing. I want to keep it quite neutral, but maybe introduce a pop of colour somewhere, I can do this with soft furnishings like bedding, curtains, light shade and also some decor pieces. Id also like to add some photo frames as we don't actually have any in our bedroom, and maybe some fairy lights to make it cosy in the evenings. 

First thing is bedding, I found this bedding set on Dunelm that I quite like, its has the neutral colours of white and grey with the pop of yellow in it. Im not sure what colour we are going for yet but I think yellow is really nice and will put you in a happy mood when you wake up, or at least a better mood at the 6am wake up call. 

Secondly is curtains, we don't actually have any in our bedroom, we do have slat blinds but that is all. The voile curtains range from Yorkshire Linen CO look perfect with many designs and colours to choose from so you can find some to match your decor, also they have some lovely bedding sets and more too. The curtains will help with privacy and also help set off the room and especially our room as we have white walls, so it will help the wall look less blank. 

Lastly is decor items, I love this star from Wilkinsons, I love the rustic look to it and stars mean a lot to Perry and I so it would be perfect for us. I also like this cushion, it looks like it could match the bedding, and the good thing about cushions or blankets is you can get a colour to help tie in the bedding and curtains to help bring that pop of colour into the room.

I cant wait to share with you what our bedroom will look like when it is finished, I keep dreaming of getting into bed with fresh new bedding which will make the bed more comfortable, we also need to get new pillows and a duvet. Finally having curtains so that our room will be dark of a night, this will make a huge difference and help our sleep the most and also to keep more warmth in over the winter, not only do we need curtains but so do the kids rooms, these will also ensure they get a good nights sleep and to keep the light out so they hopefully sleep in a bit too!? We can hope. I also cant wait to add a few touches to the room to make it more personal and cosy for us both. I will share another post soon of a before tour of our room and then another when our room is complete!

* Collaborative post. All words and opinions are my own.