My Carry Potty | Ladybird

Isla has been potty trained for around a year now, and although she has been for some time we do have moments when we can get 'caught out' like when we visit the beach, go on country walks, certain shops that don't have toilets and also in the car while driving along the motorway to name a few. We was kindly sent a My Carry Potty to try out and have to say it is now a valuable item when packing for a day out, even if it is just kept in the boot of the car for longer journeys. We was sent the ladybird which is bright red in colour with a fun design on, making it more fun for Isla to use, she's even named it Lily! The potty has a nice sized handle which is perfect for Isla to carry her own potty, although after a while she does ask us carry it... typical! You can purchase the potty here for £24.99 which makes it a little more pricey than others on the market, but I love that you don't need to buy any bags or refills for it so in that aspect its actually cheaper. Its just all ready to go as soon as you open it making it quick and easy to use for your toddler, but we do have to open it for her as she cant do it, which to be honest is probably for the best! 

The potty is leak proof which is great until you find somewhere suitable to empty the contents, you open it by a twist lock type mechanism and once opened you can see the ingenious rubber seal lid. If you use wet wipes or tissue and cant dispose of them elsewhere you can simply pop them in the bottom of the potty but making sure they don't get in the way of the seal. This potty would be brilliant for the early days of potty training and I am so glad we have it now so we can use it with our second when the time comes. The seat is nice and big for little ones to sit on, without the potty feeling unstable, we have had Isla use this on the sand at the beach, on grass in a field and even in the boot of our car and it has been perfectly fine and stable for her. I also like that the front comes up quite high, which will also be perfect for little boys!

An Overview Of The Slendertone Connect

The Slendertone Connect is a sleek looking abdominal belt, it is unisex so can be used by women and men which I think is great as my partner has already been eyeing this up to use! It syncs to your phone via the app which is available on the Apple app store (iPhone 4s upwards/ iPad 4th generation upwards), the Android 4.4 or Google play. It uses bluetooth to connect and once paired it will automatically sync every time for you which is good, I love that you can control the belt with your phone and see your session in progress so you can see on the graph when the intensity will increase, also how much time you have done and how long you have left. 

The Slendertone uses advanced EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) and patented pad placement technology to recruit all abdominal muscles, including the rectus abdominis, the obliques and the hard to reach transversus abdominis. The belt will send signals to your nerves that will then make your muscles contract and that results in firmer and flatter looking abs. The belt can fit sizes 24" - 42" and it uses 3 gel pads that you can place where is suitable for your body size and shape. The gel pads last for 20-30 sessions and then they will need replacing, the pads come with a plastic so once you have finished using your belt you can simply pop the plastic back on the top to prevent everything sticking to them. The belt also comes with a handy little bag that you can store your belt in when its not in use or for travelling. You charge the belt up via a USB cable, I simply plug it into my apple plug and charge it that way, from a full charge the belt lasted 15 half hour sessions before asking me to charge it, that's pretty good going! 

What's In My Toddlers Bag | 17 Month Old

Now that Archie is 17 months old I finally accepted that he is now not a baby and needed to be upgraded to a toddler rucksack, which is the perfect bag as I can chuck it on my back and chase after him and his big sister. I picked him the Disney Cars rucksack off of Amazon as he absolutely loves cars and thought it was the perfect size and I loved that it had a front pocket and cup holder on the side as well. He was so excited when he see it and its something he can relate to and that he loves, he definitely knows that it is his bag. I think with Archie being my 2nd baby I kind of know what the essentials are and what is just unnecessary to lug around in a bag with me, so Ive kept the bag really simple, Ive packed it as if we was popping out to town round the shops, a friends house or soft play etc. 

Colours & Theme | Wedding Series

Welcome to my first Wedding Wednesday post, my aim is to get a post up about the wedding every / other week on a Wednesday. I thought I would start by sharing our colours and theme for the day, this was one of the first things we thought of after we booked our wedding early last year. If you want to read my first post about the wedding click here, but otherwise to just refresh, our wedding is on Saturday 25th February 2017, so its a winter wedding and that brought me to my theme which is... Winter Wonderland! Its not a over the top theme, we are just incorporating the theme slightly with light colours, snowflakes, crystals and sparkles!

The colours we have chosen for the day are whites, greys, silvers and hints of baby blue! I think they are the perfect colours for the time of year and I'm so happy with how its all coming together now, its always a bit worrying imagining it all in your head, I just hope it works out on the day! I have some products that I am trying to pull in the theme by using snowflakes, but I don't want to go to crazy. We also have a few other ideas to tie in the theme but I will share them on my decoration post! 

If you can think of any nice ways to tie in the winter wonderland theme then please throw them my way! I have been pinning like crazy over on Pinterest, but don't you find that you have this perfect Pinterest wedding... and then the one that you can actually afford. I cant believe we have less than 5 months to go now, its just going crazy fast! I have had snow before on my Birthday so who knows, we may get a bit of snow on the day? But otherwise you can get some sunny crisp days in February which would also be nice, I'm not to worried about the weather as no matter what it is going to be cold and our venue is all under the one roof. They say rain means good luck on your Wedding Day and as long as I get to marry my best friend that is all that matters.