Living Arrows | 21/53

"you are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth"

This weeks photos were taken from our trip to BeWILDerwood on Saturday, we had the best day out and the weather was absolutely perfect for it, the kids absolutely loved it and I think these photos were my favourites from the day as they are not posed, just the children taking in all the magic and excitement from the day. 

My big girl absolutely loved the boat ride, as we was going along we was told a story and as you can see she was totally mesmerised by the whole thing.

My wild boy was in his element, he is at his best when outdoors and being able to run free. He loved climbing around and being up high in the trees, here he is as he spotted one of the Twiggles houses up in the trees.

Siblings | May 2018

A whole month of having 3 children seems to have gone by in a flash, our little trio seem to have settled down now and are settling into their new roles, Arch has adjusted to being a big brother so well and Isla is just over the moon with her baby brother and will not put him down. Now that Jax is starting to be awake for longer and is making all the new little sounds he all of a sudden seems a lot more interesting to the children, you should of seen their excitement and amazement when he moved his arm and knocked a toy on his play mat, the older 2 thought it was the best and was adamant he was playing with his new toys! It brings such joy to me watching the 3 of them together and seeing how in love they all seem to be, as even Jax seems to love having his big sister and brother around, he looks up at them or will move his head to find them if he can hear them, Im pretty sure he already cant wait to play and join in.

Jax | 1 Month Update

Our little baby J is now 1 whole month old, its so strange though as he was born only just on the 10th April so at only 4 minutes old he was already classed as 1 day old.. so in true form I'm sat here at 11:24pm typing this up as very soon he will properly be 1 month old! Jokes.. this is the only time I get these days haha. So I have a lot to update on, a lot has been going on with this little bundle of ours, I will start with weight as he was only just weighed yesterday and he was 8lb 15oz! He was born at 6lb 5oz so he's doing really well with putting on weight, to be exact the last 2 weeks he has put on 1lb a week, which isn't surprising as he is drinking guzzling down 5oz bottles every 2-3 hours! He is completely out of tiny baby clothing, and now up to 1 month is tight on him so I've just taken them out of his drawers even though he could still get 1 more wear out of them still, he is wearing newborn size from John Lewis as they seem a bit more roomy than the others? Its funny how different brands come up different in size, so for now he's in newborn sleep suits and 0-3 month vests. He is now in size 1 nappies, wasn't it just yesterday he was in micro nappies.. oh wait it was *sob*

Me & Mine | April 2018

Oh April... what a month you was! We welcomed the last addition to our family, our little Jax. He arrived 2 weeks early and well we are so happy that he is finally here safe and sound, after a somewhat scary last few moments of birth as soon as he was born he let the whole world know he had arrived... what a reassuring sound! We've been adjusting to life as a family of five over the last few weeks, I won't lie its been a bit hectic and I've not known if I'm coming or going but I feel we are finally getting into the groove of things, you also forget a bit of how time consuming looking after a newborn can be! 

The big 2 have been pretty amazing at adjusting though, and they are so in love with their baby Brother. We only managed one photo of the five of us, we really need to try get a nice canvas worthy one soon though! But for now.. here is us, our family of five, complete.

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