Living Arrows | 25/52

This weeks photo comes from yesterday, it was Fathers Day and so we headed to my parents house to spend the day with them. The weather was so hot that the littles were getting a bit restless and to be straight to the point "grumpy" so we headed to the beach, all 4 of us in our wetsuits to go for a swim in the sea. It is something I remember doing as a child, even as a teenager and so it was so bittersweet to be swimming to the rafts with my own 2 children, hoping that one day they to will be doing the same and creating the same memories I did. Can we just take a moment to look at my just 2 year old, why does he look about 5!? He has really caught up with his sister now who is twice his age! I didn't manage to capture any photos of us in the sea, as we was all swimming together. I also forgot to take a photo of them in their life jackets, they look so funny together in these big orange jackets with their tiny legs coming out from them! Thankfully everyone around here goes out looking the same so walking down the street like this doesn't look strange! 

They both had so much fun floating in the sea and going over the waves, they thought it was the funniest thing. I cant wait to spend more of summer down at the beach, lets just hope this weather stays around!

Living Arrows

Siblings | June

These two have been so sweet this past month, they are loving the warmer weather and are enjoying the summer so much, I hope these will be the memories they talk about forever. I still think back to summer 2006 etc and all the things I did as a child and I can imagine them doing the same in years to come. They compliment each other so well in situations, with Isla being shy but able to do more things, she loves to teach her brother how to do things just like her, and then Archie, our wild out going child who gives Isla the confidence she needs to take part in activities. It is so lovely to see what they gain out of each other, and of course the biggest thing is that they have one another to play with, and boy is it so nice to just sit and watch their imaginations come to life. These photos are of them having a little break from the paddling pool, they were talking about something and I was just sitting watching them in awe, look how similar in size they both are as well! I love the second photo of Isla putting her arm around Arch, she is so loving towards him, when she wants to be anyway! 

Living Arrows | 24/52

This past week has been a funny with the weather, I could tell the children were getting a bit bored of being inside, it wasn't warm enough to go in the pool in the garden and I just feel they are a bit tired of playing with the same garden toys. So I went on Pinterest and found a great easy little activity for them to do. I simply filled a bowl with water and placed some plastic dinosaurs inside, stuck it in the freezer and once it was frozen they could use any objects they could find outside (I provided the spoons) to help them get the dinosaurs out. It was lovely watching them together, Archie spent some time watching Isla and what exactly she was doing and then he would try. 

^ The look on his face when he could see a bit of dinosaur poking through!

The Importance Of A Toddler Formula Milk...

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Getting the correct nutrients and vitamins into your toddler can be a difficult task to say the least, even more so if like me you have a bit of a fussy eater. It is a worry and something that I do think about often, and so that is where a toddler milk comes in. I hadn't really looked too much into toddler milks before, but since I have I can see how much  of a benefit they really can be. This post includes a paid for advertisement from SMA® Nutrition. 

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