My Wild Ones | 5

Do you ever get those days when you just need to get out the house, I woke up with the intention of staying in and getting some washing done and a little bit of general tidying up but I could tell that the children needed to get out. Just after lunch I couldn't take it anymore so we headed out to the park, it was lovely to just get some fresh air, I also loved that it broke the afternoon up a bit and it used up a bit of energy for all of us. 

Watching them both play and explore I just felt content, it was the right place to be and it was nice for my mind to switch off from the house, technology and social media and just watch my two beautiful children playing. We come home afterwards and it still meant I was able to get my jobs done as they both had got out and were happy to play again at home with their toys. 

Archie's 9 Month Update

I honestly cant believe he is 9 months!? Where has the time gone recently, I actually have a lump at the back of my throat knowing in 3 months time he will be a 1 year old, and that soon I need to start planning a 1st Birthday party. So I will start with his weight, I got him weighed at the clinic 2 weeks ago and he was 20lb 7oz - I will have to get him weighed again soon. He is wearing 12-18 month tops and 9-12 month bottoms, he is now wearing size 2 shoes, we bought him his first pair of pre walkers. He has just cut his first 2 teeth at the bottom and I can also see his 2 top teeth under the gums. 

His hair is growing so thick on the top but less round the back, its a light blonde colour when you look at it in natural light. His eyes are still blue and I'm positive they will stay that way as we all have blue eyes. He has got the scrummiest chubby cheeks ever, his arms are pretty chunky too and often his tops are tight on his arms. 

He started crawling at 7 1/2 months old, and a couple of weeks ago he learnt how to pull himself up to standing and also climb the stairs. He is so quick at crawling and pulling up now he is catching his big sister up. He can walk assisted, so with a push along walker, but its very early stages and he does fall down and we have to hold the front so he doesnt zoom off and fall with it. He is getting into everything, all the kitchen cupboards, the dvd drawer and also the stairs, so we have had to start shutting our lounge door. 

Costa Special | 52 Adventures

Due to the weather and once again the dreaded cold making its round at our home we decided to have a indoor adventure this week. We was all feeling under the weather, Archie had just cut his first two teeth and we just wanted something to make us feel better, so we headed to Costa for a yummy hot drink and lunch. 

I am quite a lover of coffee, so was happy to get my large mocha as it was very needed! Isla also got her chocolate baby chino which she absolutely loves, she says she's a big girl as she drinks her hot chocolate from the cup. She also gets a flake too which makes her very happy, typical girl really hehe. 

It was nice to just sit back and be surrounded by other families and couples, the atmosphere is nice and you can enjoy your lunch. These little Costa dates are becoming a habit now with me and my big girl, I treat her now and again and she loves it, but this time it was nice to have Daddy with us too. We sat and talked, we also managed to finish our list of things we want to do this year so now we have all 52 adventures planned out! We are so excited for them and are looking forward to the weather getting warmer so we can have a action packed summer. Most of our adventures are outdoor based so we have had to think of some indoor alternatives too.