The Start Of Our Swimming Journey!

Its been a busy weekend for our baby boy, he started his swimming journey on Saturday. If you don't know already we are part of this years Baby Swimologists for Konfidence and so we will be documenting this journey with you and I am so excited to share with you the first lesson we had. We let Daddy take him in for the first time as with our 1st child I did all of the swimming lessons with her when she was a baby and as we now have weekend lessons (how great that Water Babies offer weekend times) Daddy gets to experience it too which is nice. The lessons are in the hydrotherapy pool which means its like a warm bath, which is perfect for babies... and us parents too! We used a disposable nappy with the Konfidence NeoNappy on top which is the policy for Water Babies to double up in the nappy area and off he went into the water. 

Driving To Disneyland Paris!

We recently visited Disneyland Paris and had such a great time, this is the first time we have ever driven to Disney and I thought I'd share our thoughts and experience about it so if you are considering it this may be useful for you. The reason we decided to drive this time was because of how much stuff we had to take - travelling with 3 young children, one being just 3 months old at the time required a lot of stuff! We also was doing the whole trip on a budget and this was the cheapest way to travel, it also meant we had the freedom to stop when we wanted, just so much easier with younger children. 

So how long did it take us...
It took us 2 hours to drive to the Euro Tunnel, 35 minutes on the train and then its about 3 hours from the train to Disneyland. With check in/passport control and a couple short stops it took us about 6 hours. Which does sound a lot but last time with the Euro Star we had to drive to the train, park, check in, board, hand our luggage in at the train station etc and that all added together can take the same amount of time or more! We got to Disneyland at 1pm and on the way home we left the park at 4:30pm and was home for 11pm that night. 

Siblings | August 2018

Ah my little trio, how you have all changed these last few weeks, the holidays have definitely been a part in how close you have all become, although I was looking forward to the holidays part of me in the back of my mind was wondering how we would all get on being around one another 24/7 but its not been too terrible. They have played so well and we have had so many adventures, its been amazing. Our baby boy is getting so alert now and is laughing at his big sister and brother, they absolutely love it, I cant wait to see how they dynamic between them changes as he gets older and can join in with them. 

Jax 3 Month Update

So this has turned more into a 3 3/4 month update, my Mac has been broken but its now fixed yippee! I can finally catch up and share how our little baby Bear is doing at 3 months old. I got him weighed at 14 weeks and he weighed 14lb exactly, he seems to be having a few struggles which I will go into in a bit, so as a result his weight gain seems to be slowing up a bit but he is still gaining so that's the main thing and I'm not concerned at all. He is wearing size 4 nappies, 3-6 month sleep suits and clothes and is drinking 5oz of milk every 3 hours, a big change is he is now sleeping threw the night, he goes down at 9pm and will sleep until 7am. He has around 4-5 bottles a day.

He is smiling, cooing, and starting to respond to us playing with him and making silly high pitch noises, he absolutely LOVES his big brother and sister as well. His hair is going really light, so far he has not lost any and doesn't seem to be getting the baby bald patch at the back either. His eyes are light blue, which is no surprise as we all have light blue eyes in this house! I am loving his chubby cheeks and the arm/leg rolls that he is now getting, they just make my heart melt. He is loving bath time, he loves to be upright now and refuses to be laid down. We have moved him from his carry cot on the pram to the main seat now (his seat was suitable from birth anyway) and he is loving it, I have him slightly raised up and he's so nosey he will happily sit watching everyone and everything. For the most part he is a happy baby boy.