Happy 1st Birthday Archie

I can't believe you are One, time has gone so so fast this past year. It only feels like yesterday that I had the most amazing birth with you, you was born in the pool and everything was just perfect. Watching you grow this past year has been amazing, and I am so honoured to be your Mummy, you are the most cheekiest, happiest and the most loving little boy that I know. From this little newborn you have grown into such a beautiful little boy, you are so clever and so funny, you love making us all laugh and when we do, your smile and giggle lights up the room. 

I love that your a Mummy's boy, you love cuddles and snuggling up to me, in general you just love snuggling even on blankets on the floor, it's so sweet. You are so loving, and I can't wait to watch you grow even more, I'm still in shock a whole year has gone by that you've been here. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have, I've loved every second of watching you grow, watching your milestones, teaching you to clap, your first words etc. 

I'm sorry that I haven't got to have much alone time with you and that my attention is divided, that you've had to cry a little more than I had liked. I'm sorry you haven't had as much as your sister did, but I can promise you we love you so much, and that love is the same. Things have been different with you, instead of looking forward to the next milestone and wishing it would hurry up, I've been the opposite in wishing time would slow down, this time I've enjoyed just sitting watching you learn and embracing everything new that you do, and helping you learn. 

Aldi Baby & Toddler Event | What I Picked Up

I was so unwell last Thursday so was unable to get down to my local store, instead I popped in over the weekend and luckily quite a lot of stock was left over for me to have a browse and pick up some items. If you want to see what I picked up at the last event then you can check that out here, this time I had a few things in mind that I wanted to get and was so glad when there was some left! 

So the first thing I picked up was some Calpol as both the kids have had runny noses, high temps and also Archie is teething so its always good to have a spare bottle in the cupboard, and it was on offer at £2.29. I then see loads of Nuby bath toys, I am quite a fan of Nuby so had a look and decided to get Archie some car bath toys for his 1st Birthday that is coming up, and these were £3.99! Next I picked up a ear and forehead thermometer which is one of the things I really wanted to get, at only £8.99 I thought this was a bargain. Normally they are pretty expensive, but I didn't mind spending under £10 on one, and like I said both kids have been so unwell so this is going to make it so much easier to do their temps. 

Siblings | April

I finally have my iMac back from being repaired! So now to catch up with some posts, I took a couple of photos for this but shortly after my iMac got sent off for repair so I was unable to do this in time, I really should be more organised! 

So this month my two have changed so much, like something has totally made them click like never before. They are now almost inseparable, they are playing together - nicely, sharing toys, Isla is teaching Archie so much stuff and he loves watching her and copying. They have been such a joy to be around this past month, both laughing together, exploring outside in the garden and with Archie now so close to walking he is able to join in with pretty much everything. He can stand and play with the water table in the garden and they will both play with that for ages together. 

I am so happy that they have changed, and I can see the best bond forming between them both, they just both like being together now, whereas before Isla was still a little independent and got annoyed when he would trash her toys, but they seem to have found some mutual ground and have been so well behaved together recently. 

The Me and Mine Project

Aldi Baby & Toddler Event | 21st April

Mums and Dads! Its that time again, Aldi are having their baby and toddler event again this Thursday 21st April, so get down to your local store to grab some bargain deals, I know I will be! We are recently converted to Aldi for our weekly food shopping, and this is my second baby and toddler event that I will be heading too, last time I got a few goodies which you can read about here.

But don't worry if you don't have a local store close enough as you can actually order a lot of the stuff online in the specialbuy online launch this Thursday, and now for the first time you can order the jumbo box of nappies online too! But these are only for the specialbuy event and subject to availability so be quick as I am sure they will go fast! This will be so handy for me as well as I don't drive so have always been put off buying the boxes due to carrying them home, unless I'm with my partner in the car then we will buy them, and how could we not the prices are so reasonable.

Size 2 - £3.79
Size 3 - £5.79
Size 4 - £5.79
Size 4+ - £5.79
Size 5 - £5.79

You can also pick up the Mamia Organic Apple & Blackcurrant Juice (6 months +) for just 79p!
Mamia Organic Baby Pouches (Stage 1) for just 59p and the Mamia Organic Apple & Pear Fruit Pots for only 85p and that's for 4 pots too! Archie loves all of these and the pots are handy to keep in the cupboard at home for a snack or go towards his lunch, and I always carry a pouch in my changing bag too, you never know if your out longer than expected of if your baby suddenly gets hungry, they are great to keep as a back up.

I'm looking forward to seeing what I can pick up in my local store this Thursday, and again I will share what I picked up like I did last time. Let me know if you will be heading down to Aldi this week, or even take advantage of the online event and for the first time order the jumbo boxes of nappies!