Monday, 2 March 2015

Our Bluestone Essentials

The beginning of February we was lucky enough to spend a mid week break away at Bluestone's in Wales. If you want to read more about it then read my review here. If you are going or thinking about booking I thought I would make a post about our essentials, or maybe you are looking to book for February next year and are looking for ideas on what to take for that specific time. These are just a few essentials that we could think of and what we used while we was there, or what we wish we had taken: 


Bluestone is a outdoor country holiday, that involves a fair bit of walking, and also mud - especially in winter. I'm so glad we all took our wellies as it meant we could just go for walks and wouldn't have to worry at all about getting our everyday shoes muddy or wet. 

Off Road Pushchair or Sling 

We took our Out 'N' About 3 wheeler off road pushchair, we already live in the country and near the beach so its already a must have in our lives. It was brilliant at Bluestones because we wasn't afraid about using it, getting it muddy or afraid we couldn't take it anywhere. We took it over streams, through thick mud and over all kinds of terrain with ease. Having a toddler who walks super slow or wouldn't be able to walk in some areas we kept her in the pushchair when we went on the nature trail walks. If you have a younger baby then maybe taking a sling would be a good idea if you don't have a off road pushchair.


We took a torch with us and I can't say we really used it much but we didn't really venture out of an evening, and it was also getting dark early just after 5pm. If we did then it definitely would of come in handy as you could quite easily get lost in the dark, or in the unlikely event of the lodge having a power cut its something useful to take with you. 


We took a couple of blankets with us, small ones for Isla so we could wrap her up when we went out or to snuggle with at the lodge/in the car, and then we took a bigger blanket more like a throw size one. It does get a little chilly in the lodges of an evening and I found that sitting on the sofa it could be quite cold so I'm glad we took our blanket. It was also super handy when we left early in the morning, I wrapped myself in it as the leather seats were cold! 

Dressing Gown/Cosy PJS 

This kind of goes in hand with the above post, but basically the lodge can get quite chilly in the evenings, I did take cosy pyjamas with me and also bed socks which did help. But one thing I did miss was my dressing gown. Getting out the bath and then going into the bedroom it was pretty cold and also in the morning it was cold, so I wish I would of taken my dressing gown as it would of come in handy when making breakfast and in the evenings. 

Big Umbrella/Waterproof Coats

We took a massive golfing umbrella with us, we keep it in the boot of our car all the time so we just took it out when we arrived. But it does rain a lot in Wales I was told, we only had one day with rain so maybe we was lucky? But it did come in handy as it was big enough for Perry to hold while I pushed the pushchair and neither of us got wet. Isla was under the rain cover in the pushchair so she was OK. We also took our Superdry coats with us, they were great for the weather and kept us warm. 


The lodge had a DVD player in so we took a few of our favourite films to watch of a evening. We don't really watch TV at all, only time we use it is for Isla to watch cartoons, or to play the playstation on it. We are not into soaps etc so thought we might get a little bored in the evenings so they came in handy. Also while Isla was napping or if it had of rained and we didn't want to go out we could of watched a film then. 


We packed a few of Isla's favourite toys for her to bring away with us, these were great for in the evenings when we was in the lodge. We packed her megasketcher as it is a pretty good travelling toy and she enjoys drawing on it, we took one of her baby dolls as she loves them so much, a couple of books for bedtime. We also brought our PS4, when Isla took her afternoon naps I would be on the laptop blogging, and so I thought it was only fair if Perry could bring his Playstation to play, we also played it in the evenings. You could also bring a board game or pack of cards as well, as it would make a change from normal everyday evening life, and would be good if you was taking older children. 

Cot Bedding

Isla used the travel cot supplied in the Lodge while we was away, although she sleeps at home in a toddler bed we thought it would be better if she was in the travel cot as the other beds were a bit high and Id be nervous of her falling out. The travel cot comes with a standard thin mattress, we then put the 2 blankets that were on the single beds on top to make the bottom a bit thicker and comfier for her, but you may want to bring something from home to thicken it up or your own travel mattress. We did bring her own duvet and pillow from home as they don't supply cot bedding, so if you're planning on using a cot then bring your own bedding from home. 

Beach Towels

If you're planning on using the Blue Lagoon pool, which I think everyone has got to do while there, then make sure you bring your own towels from home. Although the lodges supply you with plenty of towels for your stay, they are not permitted to be used to take swimming. We took 1 each and 1 for Isla, and then when we got back to the lodge we put them on the towel rails to get dry ready for the next day. 

Plastic Tableware/Cutlery

Surprisingly I completely forgot about packing these right up until we was about to walk out the door, Isla is 2 and so she uses plastic plates and toddler cutlery to eat with. So remember to pack them for your little ones, also cups or sippy cups for them to drink out of. If your baby is younger and you are BLW then maybe pack a splat mat as the dining table is on the carpet which is cream, I was so nervous of Isla dropping anything on the floor. They do have a hoover so I was hoovering everyday to get up the crumbs etc. 

I think that is all I can think of, they are just bits that we found essential or things we wish we had taken, when going away with children you have to pack and think of so much stuff, it can be easy to forget about simple things, like me nearly forgetting Isla's plastic plates - yet she uses them everyday! You may also want to bring a bath mat, they do mention it on the website but we never bothered and found it OK. Remember to check out the Bluestone website before you go to answer any questions you might have. If you're going soon then I hope you have a lovely time and I'm not jealous at all... much haha. 

Tara x 

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Me & Mine: February 2015

February has been a busy month for us, the first week was spent at Bluestone's in Wales, we had such an amazing time and made some great memories. We then had Valentines Day, The Baby Show at Excel London to get the rest of baby Boy's bits, my birthday, lots of bump shopping, and seeing lots of family. Its been a great month but also a quick month, we are all looking forward to March as its another month closer to meeting our new family member. 

Mummy's February Highlights

- Turning 22 on her Birthday. 
- A relaxing week away in Wales and finally meeting friends she's been talking to for 3 years, also the lovely video I made of our week away.
- Eating lots of chocolate and cake!
- The finale of Broadchurch was amazing!

Daddy's February Highlights

- Spending a week away in Wales with his girls.
- Taking Mummy to a Chinese restaurant for her birthday (she wanted to go for months)
- The warmer weather we've been having lately.
- Finally putting his Go Pro to good use and getting great footage!

Isla's February Highlights

- Making lots of crafts with Mummy.
- Getting a new play doh set or "potato" as she calls it.
- Learning new body parts and proudly telling everyone she meets where their knees are.
- Feeling Bump kick her hand for the first time - she found it hilarious.

dear beautiful

Friday, 27 February 2015

30 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

I can't believe I am 31 weeks today, thats just a crazy number to me, I can't believe how quick its gone and being that nothing is organised at all at the moment makes me feel a little bit anxious, and I'm pretty sure thats why it is going so quick because I'm not prepared at all at the moment haha! So week 30 has been a bit better than last week thankfully, my SPD seems to have been a bit better but I have taken it easy this week and been at home a lot of the time as after last week I thought it would be good to have a rest. We got a lot of the last bits ticked off of the baby's list at the weekend, we went to The Baby Show and also popped to Mothercare afterwards to get a few other bits. Ive just got random little bits to get now and then we are done, we just need to move and then once we are settled we can set up his nursery, wash all his clothes and set everything up, I can't wait I'm so excited to get all his bits out from the back of the wardrobe! I also had my Birthday this week, I thought I'd feel like a whale and not want to go out for dinner but luckily I had bought a Maternity top and from the front you couldn't even tell I was pregnant! 

Sleep is a little hit and miss at the moment, I have woken up at least once a night for a wee since being pregnant, so you could say Ive already got use to broken sleep again and then getting up early with Isla so that will help when the baby comes. Lately though pregnancy insomnia has kicked in, I seem to have such a deep sleep and then wake up for a wee around 2am, but once I get back into bed I've started to really struggle to get back to sleep. Also I am getting so uncomfortable now, I find myself tossing and turning all the time and swapping sides of the bed much to Perry's annoyance. I was going to invest in a pillow but being almost £40 I thought I may as well just stick it out now as I won't get to use it for that long. At times I feel so uncomfortable and am at the fed up stage and wanting my own body back so much now, I feel bad for complaining already but at times I just can't wait to have him so I can sleep on my belly, drink a Relentless (my FAVOURITE drink ever!) and start loosing some weight as I am determined to get my body back to a point I'm happy with after I've given birth. 

Ive also been suffering from nose bleeds this week, not full on running out everywhere just little nose bleeds in the morning. My acid reflux is getting worse, its really bad in the evenings and just makes me feel like utter rubbish, I've still been having a few slight period pains this week and also sharp pains in my boobs. We have decided that I am going to try breast feeding and if he doesn't take to it like Isla didn't, then I am going to pump for the first 2 weeks so he can get all the good milk first and then slowly wean him on to formula, I did this with Isla for the first week but being 19 at the time I wasn't as confident or have much knowledge as I do now. Ive been getting a few bits for my hospital bag this week which is so exciting! I can't believe how quick its going now.