A Beautiful Reminder

On the evening of Archie's 1st Birthday we was driving home from our day at Southend-On-Sea when we spotted a beautiful rainbow while we was driving down the motorway, it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, as most of you know Archie is our rainbow baby and we conceived him 2 weeks after our miscarriage, of course I always think about that baby and if it was a boy or girl, and how special Archie feels for being our rainbow baby. So to see a beautiful rainbow on his Birthday just made me so happy, it felt like the baby we lost was saying Happy Birthday to him and showing that they are watching over us. It felt like a sign for Archie and it was such a beautiful way to end his 1st Birthday. By the time we was getting closer to home you could see the whole rainbow from one side to another, and in the middle was our house, seems silly but I did get some tears in my eyes and thought how lucky we was to have Archie. If you have a rainbow baby do you always think of them when you see a rainbow? I know I do... 

Falling In Love All Over Again...

I always use to be adamant that I wouldn't go on holiday without the children, but after things getting the better of me the best option was for Perry and I to go on holiday together, just the two of us. You can read more about the holiday here, but I wanted to make a post about something quite amazing that happened while we was away. We haven't had any alone time together in ages, like proper alone time doing something, well I say ages but its been over a year. So this break was very well needed for each of us and also for us both as a couple together.

We held hands and went for walks along the beach as the sun was setting, we cuddled up to each other and watched the sunset whilst listening to the sea gently crashing into the stoney beach, we ran home from the supermarket in a thunderstorm absolutely giggling our heads off, we played pool and air hockey - nothing like a bit of healthy competition! We relaxed on the beach and held hands while laying in the sun, we drank cocktails together and got merry, we cuddled each other in the sea and just had so much fun. We was able to be the young couple that we are instead of just being Mum and Dad. I get it, I can see where things have gone a bit wrong, we have let the parenting roles take over a bit and we have forgot who we were together, we forgot to be ourselves and make time for one another. I cant tell you how much better we feel since having that holiday alone together, it has made our relationship so strong again and so much more fun. I was getting butterflies every time I see Perry walk towards me with a drink (obviously about him and not the cocktail ;)), and it made me realise how much the holiday was really needed. We have said now we are home we are going to make time to have proper alone time together, go out for a meal in the evening or just for the day over the weekend, maybe now and again have a night away alone together - just anything as long as its just me and him. So that we can be a couple and focus on our relationship just for a little while, no stress about the children and having to remember to pack the 100s of items you need to go out for the day, not having to deal with tantrums, not having to think for them, just 100% attention on one another. We realised how important it is for the children to see their Mummy and Daddy happy, as if we are happy and content we can be much better role models for them, we can parent them a lot better when we are working as a team, and since the holiday we have been getting on so much more, I am starting to already see a difference in the children. We kiss each other a lot more, give one another hugs and just generally show more compassion towards each other. I want both the children to see what a healthy happy relationship is like, and what better way to show them then to do it ourselves, I want them to admire our relationship in years to come, to look up to us and see how strong and happy in love we are.

Getaway To Greece

I have been in Greece the past week for a very last minute getaway, we booked it on the Sunday and flew out to Rhodes on the Wednesday! It was a very much needed break for me, this year has been tough and after some recent issues I was more than ready to getaway, to just switch off and relax. Ive been battling depression for a long time (I will be writing about this too) and it got the better of me, so my amazing partner Perry booked for me and him to go to Rhodes for a week on our own child free. I was very nervous, especially as I hadn't been away from Archie yet, the most he has been apart from me is probably 3-4 hours and that was only twice in a year, so you could say I was very unsure about it all but also so very excited to have some proper me time, and also for Perry and I to be alone together too. My parents kindly watched both the children for us for the week so I knew they was in safe hands and off we flew to Rhodes, it was the first time I had ever been to Greece too so I was pretty excited to see what it was like. 

Our hotel was very small, but it was perfect just for a getaway for us both, we have said if we was ever to return we would obviously book somewhere better which would suit us and the children, but it was nice and we made the most of it. The weather wasn't too bad, it was around 26 degrees but we did have a 2 day thunder storm which sucked, but we didn't mind at all and explored or chilled out in our bedroom, mostly just catching up with sleep! The last 3 days the weather thankfully returned to being sunny and got quite hot towards the end as well which I loved. 

Me & Mine | April

April wow you flew by, where is this year going? We spent April getting ready for our little boys 1st Birthday and his party. I spent the month trying to capture as much of him as I could on video and photos, we had lots of play dates with friends too which was nice. We was also preparing for Archie's Birthday party, we done a Mickey Mouse theme and it was a great party, we was so happy with how it turned out for him. 

Mummy's April Highlights
- Getting dressed up for a night out.
- Making lots of decorations by hand for Archie's party.
- Getting Archie's Birthday presents (Im such a big kid).
- Being pleased with my weight loss comparison photos.
- Spending quality time as a family during the week.

Daddy's April Highlights
- Having some time off for quality family time.
- Isla getting a good report at nursery.
- Dancing with Mummy at a party.
- Going bowling with Mummy.
- Lots of family walks. 

Isla's April Highlights
- Making lots of food at nursery.
- Making a squirrel friend in the garden.
- Going to a party and staying up way past her bedtime dancing.
- Going down the big slide at soft play.
- Winning a big teddy at Clacton Pier.

Archie's April Highlights
- Playing at Isla's nursery for the afternoon.
- Getting his new toy car.
- Going down a big slide at soft play with Daddy.
- Learning to climb up on to the table.
- Going on lots of walks and exploring new places.