Me & Mine | June

June went by in a flash and also meant that we are half way done with 2016!? That is just crazy to me and I cant quite get my head around it. June was a busy month with seeing family and friends, we actually had quite a nice few sunny days which was nice. We spent lots of time at the beach, managed to get both the kids out on the boat which was amazing, Isla went out on her own little jet bike and loved it, we had a fun filled Father's Day at the beach, we got the train to Clacton and had the best day with my Auntie, Isla loved going on all the rides! June also was the start of Archie walking everywhere and me having to learn to chase two children in opposite directions - which I still am trying to get the gist of if you have any tips? So here is us in June... 

Mummy's June Highlights
- OITNB.. I waited so long for this and watched the whole new season within 3 days!
- Sunny days at the beach with my family always make me happy.
- PLL is also another series and they have finally started releasing the new episodes!
- Getting Isla and Archie on the boat made me so proud.
- Getting my new Fitbit and getting my weight loss mojo back!

Daddy's June Highlights
- Getting out on the Jet bike and boat lots.
- Eating out lots and having yummy food.
- Going to our wedding venue for an event to trial food - made it so real!
- Swimming in the sea with Isla.
- Having a great Father's Day!

Isla's June Highlights
- Getting her flowers girl dress for the wedding.
- Spending lots of time at the seaside and making sand castles.
- Eating lots of ice creams.
- Making pasta necklaces at nursery.
- Going out on the boat properly with Mummy, Daddy and Grandad in the thunderstorm!

Archie's June Highlights
- Walking everywhere, and being able to stand up by himself too.
- Learning to feed himself with a spoon with hardly any mess!
- Playing in the garden is his favourite thing to do.
- Getting his 6th tooth!
- Being able to climb up on to the dining table - Mummy isn't impressed though.

The Me and Mine Project

My Wild Ones | 15

Sunday was a exciting day for Isla, we decided to blow up her jet bike and let her use it for the first time now her confidence has grown. We are big water-sport fans so its lovely to introduce the kids into a family hobby that we all enjoy, it just makes it that bit more special. She has a jet bike that has a battery jet on it so she can ride round herself (with string attached so she cant go to far) but as it was new we hadnt charged them so we put Daddy to work and made him pull her up and down in the sea. She absolutely loved it and I think she is so ready to come out with us properly on the boat now, I am so excited to share this experience with her and make memories, just like my Dad has with me from when I was little. He also gets to share this with his Grandchildren and I can tell he is extremely proud to be teaching them how he taught me. 

Have you ever seen a unhappy person on a jet bike? Haha  

Barnardo's Big Toddle 2016 #MamiaBigToddle

Barnardo's Big Toddle is an event for young children to walk, run or even hop a short distance to raise money for Barnardos. The Big Toddle is the UK's biggest charity fund raising event for children under 5s and it would be great if you and your little ones could get involved too! To find your nearest toddle click here, or even organise your own toddle in your area if you cant find one local enough, this years toddle is animal themed which the children will love as well! There are some public toddles around zoos etc for you to easily join, its a fun day out for everyone involved, and you can help raise money for a great charity. Toddle week takes place on 20-26 June (or another date of your choice)...

This years Big Toddle is sponsored by Aldi Mamia which is an award winning baby and toddler brand - but everyone knows that right? We are big big fans of Aldi's Mamia range here in our house so thought it would be perfect to share some tips to be toddle ready using some products from the Mamia range that you can pick up from Aldi.

1. Have the right gear - Its important for your little ones to be comfortable and the Mamia ultra dry nappies and easy pants are perfect for the job! Also comfortable supportive foot wear and suncream (we can hope for sun) is essential too! 

2. Food for success - Keep energy levels high with Mamia's 100% organic fruit pots which have added vitamins and minerals - Archie is a big fan of these! Water will also help keep little ones hydrated.

3. Warm down - After a busy fun toddle what better way to wind down for bed than the Mamia baby bath - I love this and does anybody else think it smells like palma violets? 

The Big Toddle has been going since 1977 so please take a look and try to take part in a toddle with your little ones and help make 2016 the best year so far! If you do take part be sure to share your experiences using #MamiaBigToddle 

*We was sent  a hamper full of Mamia goodies for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own like always!

My Wild Ones | 14

On Tuesday I took the kids to Clacton for the day, the weather was absolutely beautiful and we had a lovely typical sea side day, we played on the 2p machines, ate ice cream, chips, doughnuts, went on the rides and played on the beach. I think the best bit for Isla was the rides, she really loves going on them now which is nice to see her confidence growing, of course a close second was the doughnuts, she repeatedly told me how yummy and delicious they were!

Even I ended up going on a flying elephant with her too!