First Trimester | Weeks 6 - 11 | Baby #3

So I thought I would share my early pregnancy symptoms with you all, we found out at 6 weeks that we was expecting baby #3 and that was purely based on me having no symptoms whatsoever. We have not long suffered a loss at 10.5 weeks and so my body has been all over the place and this also led me to wait so long before testing! Ive tried to keep notes on how I have been feeling recently.

6 Weeks Pregnant 
- We found out! 
- Peeing more often then normal.
- A few spots on my forehead.
- Craving tuna, mayo and sweetcorn sub rolls.

7 Weeks Pregnant 
- Boobs have got bigger / hurt sometimes.
- When I get hungry I feel sick.
- Oh the headaches...
- Still peeing for England.
- Spots are still here *yay* -.-
- Really tired, falling asleep on the sofa most early evenings!

8 Weeks Pregnant
- Super tired and emotional.
- Starting to get hungry quite often.
- Oh the bloat...
- Met my One to One Midwife for the first time, bloods were taken.


I am so happy to finally announce that we are expecting again! It has been a long road that I will go into it at another time, but I thought I would share a announcement post letting you all know our exciting news! *Oh and Archie is excited, even if he doesn't look it in the photo haha* 

Our Rainbow baby is due in April 2018, and we couldn't be happier. I will have my pregnancy updates up soon as its been a bit crazy the last few weeks, hence the silence over here, so please bear with me. I am looking forward to sharing this journey with you all again! 

Win Tickets To The Baby & Toddler Show 2017!

Having been to baby shows before I absolutely love them, you can find so many new brands and pick up some really good deals! So if you're a parent to a baby or toddler, are pregnant or need to do some shopping for a new baby then this is the giveaway for you. There are 2 upcoming baby & toddler shows...

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The Groom & Groomsmen | Wedding Series

So today's blog post is all about the men, wit whooo. To start with we knew we would be hiring every body's suits, we had such a range of tall, short, and different body shapes to put it nicely, that meant buying them all would just be too difficult and hard to find in all the right sizes. We wanted grey suits to go with our theme, and so we began looking online at places to rent suits from. 

We ended up going with Moss Bros, thinking that they had quite a good reputation etc, but I was wrong, oh so very wrong. We went in and the men were not helpful at all and didn't really show us much or let Perry try anything on. So we just picked some colours that we thought would go and left the store with all the paper work. Having family and friends that lived near the Lakeside store we went in so they could get sized up, the women took one look at our paperwork and asked what on earth was going on, she said the wrong shirts had been put down (we wanted cravats and not ties) and that the colours for the Groom should match the bride (ivory) so she kindly re done it all for us. We had a package of jacket, trousers, shirts, ties or cravats, waist coat and handkerchiefs and having paid half up front I'm just glad that the women fixed it all for us. The day before the wedding we go into our local store to pick up the suits, we get there and the man instantly looked confused, he went out back and after 10 minutes returns with NO suits. In a panic he calls to find out they hadn't even left the main warehouse, so here we are the day before we get married, an hour before Perry needs to leave to stay at the Best Mans house an hour away and we have no suits for him to take with him. The man then says about getting them delivered the next day hopefully before 1pm!? Our wedding was booked for 1:30pm, by this stage I'm feeling sick and panicked, not exactly what the Bride needs before her big day. Thankfully a manager called and arranged for them to be instantly couriered to the Best Mans house and they did arrive to him a few hours later thankfully, they didn't charge us for the other half of the suits as a apology I guess, but I definitely would have my reservations if your thinking of booking with them.