Wednesday, 25 March 2015

34 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

34+5 days pregnant:

This week has been so much better in terms of my SPD, I have taken it easy and can now walk without any pain, the only time it hurts is when I'm turning over in bed, putting my shoes on, getting in and out the car etc which I can deal with. Ive been having strong shooting pains in my boobs as well which are pretty painful! Ive also been suffering with a few headaches, I've been trying to up my water intake though as I know I definitely don't drink enough. I'm still taking my pregnacare vitamin everyday with my evening meal, and will continue to take this until after the birth. 

I am SO tired now, I thought I was tired before but no its definitely worse now, I can easily take a nap by 10:30am, I feel so drained all the time and looking after Isla is starting to be so much effort, some days I just cant do the battle of getting her dressed so we just have PJ days. I also fell asleep the other day, half laying on the floor and half in Isla's bed as I went in to get her up from a nap I laid down while she was waking up and must of fell asleep myself, 20 minutes later I woke up and she was playing on the floor next to me! 

Ive been having charlie horses this week (thigh cramps) I get them while in bed and stretching in the night, they are so painful and its hard to breathe and relax until they go. My legs definitely hurt for a day or 2 afterwards when I start to walk. My period pains are getting a bit stronger, they are actually on the verge of being painful now and I feel so miserable when I get them as I just want to curl up on the bed, I've also been having a few cramps and my braxton hicks are uncomfortable too and I can tell when I'm having one. 

Its official... I have to put my trainers on using a long shoe horn now! I just cant bend over much anymore so putting shoes and socks on gets me so out of breath. My belly has also dropped, I noticed yesterday it had changed shape and today it definitely has got more longer, it has gone from looking like I had a ball up my top to now looking more like an Easter egg shape! I definitely feel like my body is starting to get ready for labour now, and I will be packing my hospital bag next week as well as id rather be prepared then not just in case. I see the midwife tomorrow, although ill be a day early it is classed as my 35 week appointment, I will talk to her then about whats been going on lately. I cant believe I am 35 weeks pregnant on Friday, only 2 weeks until full term its just crazy! 

32+4 days (Left) and today 34+5 days (Right)

33 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

33+6 days pregnant: 

This week has been pretty painful my SPD has been awful as I totally over did it on Friday as I took Isla to soft play and was running round after her, ever since I've been in so much pain and if you have or are suffering with this then you know how painful it can be, at times I must pull awful faces but it just hurts to move so much. Because of the pain and also sciatica on my right leg it means now my left knee is hurting as I'm putting more weight on it as I am kind of limping when I walk because of the pain. I'm now struggling to finish meals, even stuff I really really like, and I get so upset because I do want to eat it and it smells so good, but I just don't have the room! 

My braxton hicks are getting a lot more noticeable now, I can feel my belly getting all hard like I've got a bowling ball up my top, literally! Ive also been suffering from period pains but this week they seemed to have gone up a notch on the painful side and are a lot more uncomfortable now. I bought a V pillow to help me sleep, and I also thought it would be good to use once the baby is here for breast feeding and also when he starts sitting up etc, it definitely has helped with making sleep more comfortable. Ive started using Lansinoh cream on my nipples, I read that its good to start getting it soaked in for a few weeks before you give birth, so when I get out the bath now I use it. My skin is pretty dry and so is my scalp, it could be to do with the weather as it is starting to get a little warmer now, and my skin especially my face is really sensitive so its pretty dry at the moment. I'm looking forward to seeing the midwife next week for my 35 week check up! I cant believe how quick its going...

Mother's Day 2015

This was my 3rd Mothers Day and also my last one as being a Mummy to just Isla, next year I will have my 2 babies to celebrate with! We was a bit unsure on what we was planning on doing this year, I wanted to do something different and make the most of the day as my first Mothers Day we just spent it at home and last year we spent it at a BBQ so it wasn't really celebrated at all. I was woken up in the morning by Isla and Perry who had brought me breakfast in bed which was lovely and is always a good start to the day! Isla decided to open my cards for, I got such lovely cards from Isla, The Bump and even a card from Perry! I didn't really want anything for Mothers Day so obviously Perry was really stuck for ideas, but he got me a Pandora safety charm for my bracelet so I cant loose any charms, its so close to being completed now! 

We got dressed and decided we was going to take Isla to a farm, they was having a special Mothers Day event, Mums got to go free and we also got to meet Peppa Pig, which was obviously more for Isla haha! After dressing appropriately for the farm, jumpers, waterproofs and wellies, we met Perry's sister, partner and nephew at the farm too, we don't see them that often so it was really nice to spend the day with them and for Isla to see her cousin. The first we did was head over to the barn so that Isla could meet Peppa Pig and as we walking round so was Peppa Pig so Isla was chasing after her, it was so funny. Perry queued up with her and then when it was her turn to meet her Isla went all silly and shy, I'm hoping she will get a bit better with that sort of thing as we want to take her back to Paultons Park this year, I think she will love Peppa Pig world even more this year. 

After meeting Peppa Pig we then went to get some lunch, it was so packed we just about got a table and that was after having to wait 5 minutes, that doesn't seem a lot but when you have a miserable hungry toddler, 5 minutes is a lifetime! Then we had a 40 minute wait for food which really didn't help, by the time the food came Isla didn't want to eat at all and was so distracted by the soft play and other children so that was a huge fail. After that we headed out to meet some of the animals and we also bought food so we could feed some of them as well, there was so much to see and do but the weather was so miserable we didn't want to spend too much time in the cold. Isla was so good with the animals, she was even feeding the goats and petting the horses, the farm was really good and had all the facilities to wash your hands after touching the animals. 

We even got to meet Shaun The Sheep!

We ended the afternoon by going on the tractor ride and then made our way home as we was all cold and wet from the light rain. When we got home we bathed Isla and put her in a snuggly onesie, we all climbed into bed watched Finding Nemo, Isla fell asleep at 6:30 in bed with us and so we just put her into her bed for the night as we had eaten on the way home so knew she had a dinner and wouldn't be hungry. I had a lovely day and cant wait for next year now, I would like to do something a little more for mummy, maybe a meal out somewhere nice as Isla will be at a better age to sit in a restaurant and the baby will be a good age too. Maybe I should let Perry know now so he can plan something, you know what men are like haha. I hope the rest of my Mummy friends had a lovely day and was spoilt!

Tara x

Monday, 16 March 2015

32 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

Last week was a pretty busy week, hence this post going up so late as I am actually 33 weeks 3 days today! Actually I don't think any blog posts went up last week which I am so annoyed about but I was generally so busy I didn't get time. One thing I still suffered with was nose bleeds, in the mornings I would wake up and could taste blood in my mouth and when I got a tissue and blew my nose it would have blood on it. My acid reflux has also come back, its always when I lay down in bed so I have to slowly work my way into a laying position otherwise it triggers it. 

I finally had my whooping cough injection done, it was fine and I didn't feel a thing but for 2 days afterwards it was pretty sore. I am starting to suffer with awful pregnancy brain, I am forgetting things and can never remember how many weeks I am, and then I have a huge shock when I do finally work it out and then I panic because nothing is ready for the little man as we are still waiting to move. My SPD is getting worse, its a lot more painful now and I cant even imagine how much worse it will get as the weeks go by, also my back is becoming really painful, its not my lower back its more around where the bra strap goes across your back. 

My belly button is starting to stick out at the top now so I don't think it will be long before its out all the way, with Isla it only ever stuck out at the top so it will be interesting to see what happens this time. I have quite a few stretch marks on my legs, they cant be helped so I am not getting to upset about them, I have been using creams etc and they do help, they just won't 100% prevent them.

Midwife Appointment 
I see the midwife last Thursday when I was 32+6, my blood pressure was fine, my urine was all good apart from a few ketones but that was because I hadn't eaten in a while, the babies heartbeat was all good up in the 140s, when she measured my bump it was measuring a week ahead, I remember with Isla at this point she was measuring around 3 weeks behind so it shows I am definitely bigger this time around. We talked a little bit about the birth but are going to go more into detail at my next appointment which is only in 2 weeks! So yep I am now seeing the midwife every 2 weeks which is just crazy to me its flying by now.