Thursday, 1 October 2015

Me & Mine: September

Where has September gone? I blinked and now its October! We went to Egypt in the middle of the month for a week which was amazing, we had such a lovely week away but I cant really say it was much of a break for Mummy and Daddy but never mind, a week without cooking and cleaning was lovely and meant we got lots of quality time as a family. Archie is growing bigger and bigger everyday and is now getting his own little character, we all enjoy watching him grow and learn new things, and its lovely to see Isla getting excited by him achieving new things as well. Our family at the moment is feeling pretty content and we are happy where we are at, we have a few new things lined up that we are looking forward to and also making plans for next year too! Of course our family photo this month was from our holiday, we only managed to get 3 of all of us and that was only because I made everyone get up at 6:30am and go and take some photos in the light, as by the time we was going for our evening meals and looking all glam it was already pitch black. 

Mummy's September Highlights
- Having a week break from cooking and cleaning, it was lovely to just spend quality time with my little family in the sun.
- Getting the photo above put onto a huge canvas for the living room!
- Lots of date nights with Daddy have been really nice.
- Signing Isla up to a Nursery was very exciting for her and me.

Daddy's September Highlights
- Spending a week in Egypt was very much needed and was definitely enjoyed.
- Going snorkelling and seeing all the fish was cool, even the one that attacked the camera.
- Getting a new bigger family car, which now means more road trips!
- Getting some nice photos as a family and with the children.

Isla's September Highlights
- Going on a aeroplane again, she was so excited this year.
- Learning to swim with hardly any floats.
- Making friends on holiday.
- Going to see her nursery that she will be starting in January!

Archie's September Highlights 
- Going on a aeroplane for the first time.
- His first holiday abroad, he wasn't phased by the heat at all.
- Going for his first swim in the pool, he was kicking his legs and using his arms already! 
- Learning to roll over back to belly, so now he does constant ropy poly's across the room.

dear beautiful

Mummy & Me | September

This month has gone by in a flash and I think it's safe to say we have said goodbye to the warm weather. We ended the summer on a good note by spending a week in a very hot Egypt and we had the most amazing time, so it was only appropriate that this months photos are from our holiday. Both of them seemed to bond even more on holiday, Isla loved that Archie could come in the pool and I loved spending time with them without having to worry about washing and cooking and all the other daily tasks of being at home for a week, so that was really special and we all made memories that will last a lifetime! 

As you can imagine we got a TON of photos while we was on holiday and it was really hard to choose some, so here are a few of my favourites. 

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Siblings | September

These two have been extra cuddly this month, with Isla asking to hold Archie a lot more often, even if she refers to him as 'it'. Archie has been quite unsettled the past week with teething and now and again I hear a little voice asking 'are you ok buddy?' and its just the cutest thing. She loves to show him all her toys and gets him to hold them. She does help him a lot, she brings him his dummy if he gets upset and I'm busy. Archie loves to look at Isla and when she stayed at my parents he was definitely looking round for her the following morning. We have our holiday this month and I'm so looking forward to spending a week of quality time with them both without having to worry about housework and cooking. We are all excited to have a week with Daddy and spend some time with him too, we are also loving this cooler weather which means winter country walks, duvet days, and lots of indoor activities! 

As you are reading this we are in Egypt so I will comment on everyones photos when I get home! 
dear beautiful

Sunday, 13 September 2015

What Is In Isla's Hand Luggage

Isla is now over 2 1/2 years old and I am so happy that this year she gets her own seat on the plane which also means she gets her own hand luggage, last year we had to use my hand luggage as hers. Although this year I now have to give up mine for Archie, so I am going to use my normal every day nappy bag, and in that will be bits for Isla like spare knickers, pull ups and leggings incase she has a accident. We are using a Trunki for her hand luggage as I know she will love going through the airport being pulled along on it, and it will add to the excitement of us going on holiday, she can also use it to scoot round our hotel room as well. 

We are also taking the Travel Snug with us, and I am sure when we get home you will see some photos of it in action so you can see what it is properly, but to sum it up its basically a padded seat that makes the plane seat a lot more comfortable and cosy for young children, and the bit I like most is it has a strap that comes up between the legs so the plane seat belt can go through it to make it more of a T bar harness keeping them more secure in the seat. It also comes with a blanket which is awesome as I find it can get a bit chilly on the plane. 

The first thing that is in her case is the iPad and her Barbie headphones, as I think we all know this is the one thing that is going to keep a toddler amused without loosing interest. It will be the last item we use as I want to try and her occupied without being infront of a screen for as long as I can, as it will be hard to get this off her without her having a melt down. 

I got her a couple of colouring sets, and the Crayola Color Wonder is by far my favourite colouring set for Isla, she has all the other characters so I thought I would get her a new one she has not got. I love it because the pens don't mark the skin or clothes etc and they only work in the book. The Color Explosion set is one we haven't tried before so Im sure she will be excited to try that out. She can also use these in our room or in the evenings on holiday. 

We are taking her new beach Barbie with us as she really loves Barbie at the moment, and well the beach one was quite fitting for our holiday! We also have 2 little figures, Anna and Elsa as she likes to play with little figurines and make them talk. Next we have 4 surprise eggs, and I'm going to guess that your toddler absolutely loves watching these being opened on YouTube! These are more of a bribery thing say for instance we need her to sit in the buggy, or sit down on the plane etc. 

The last 2 items are sticker books, this is a non electric item that is known to keep her amused for quite a while, I have also packed 2 more for the evenings while we are away and 1 more for the plane journey home. She loves peeling the stickers off and sticking them in the book and will happily sit and do that if I ever need to get anything done at home so I knew they would be great for the plane journey.