Family Break In Wales: Friday

Friday morning we all woke up feeling glum, but also slightly panicked as Isla slept in again, typical. So we was now in a rush, I jumped in the shower as I needed to wash my hair, Perry gave Isla breakfast and was pottering about upstairs, after my shower I quickly got dressed and then started to run around putting everything I could find into the suitcase. I also had to put the travel cot down that Isla had been sleeping in, and also empty all the food from the cupboards upstairs in the kitchen. We got quite a lot done surprisingly, and while Perry went to go and get the car from the car park I dried my hair, I was so glad that we could bring the car down to pack up all our stuff again. When he got back we loaded up the car, it seemed to be a lot more organised on the way home and practically everything went in the boot, just leaving the push chair to go on the back seat as we was planning on using it a lot still in the day. After closing the door and saying goodbye to our lodge with very sad faces, we drove up to the reception and put our room keys back in the post box and then went and parked the car in the car park, as you are allowed to stay on site until 3pm if you wish. 

As we parked the car I realised that I hadn't done my make up, but being so relaxed in the country it didn't really bother me at all, actually I quite liked it. We went to Millers Bakery for breakfast as I hadn't eaten yet and was starving, we got a hot chocolate each and a chocolate croissant which was delicious. We then headed up to the Treehouse and Treetots so Isla could have a run around and play in the park before our journey home. She loved the slide and swings, and she even went in the bigger area with us and got over her fear of walking across the wobbly bridge and did it herself. We was so proud of her, she's come so far and its been lovely to see her confidence grow since we had been there. We stayed on site until half 12 and then we left, we had already arranged to drive up to one of the local beaches which was around 25 minutes away so we left and headed to the beach. 

It was a bit of a drive to the beach, and it involved a lot of 1 track roads, lots of hills and great views, I could tell Perry was getting nervous as he hates heights and it seemed like we was driving right to the top of a cliff! We got to the car park and had to pay £5 to park the car which was a bit of a joke as we knew we wouldn't be very long as it was so windy, but we paid anyway and got the pram out, luckily there was some toilets right near the car park so I had to use them before we went anywhere else! The route to the beach wasn't very buggy friendly at all there was some very steep stairs to get up to the top, luckily a man stopped and helped Perry up with the pram. The view was amazing from the top, I was snapping away on my dslr, it was just a breath taking view and the photos really don't do it justice, we kept on walking and then we finally see the beach! It was just incredible, one of the nicest beaches I've ever been to in the UK, we had to walk down lots of steps to get down to the beach from the cliff top, I'm so glad we had our off road pushchair otherwise I don't think we would of done it. We stayed at the beach for about half an hour, we was taking lots of photos and capturing lots of video footage as well, Isla was enjoying playing with the soft sand although she hated the wind. 

We started the walk back to the car as it was starting to get late and we was all feeling tired and hungry, getting back up the steps was hard work, at one point I almost just sat down and gave up. Isla was refusing to get in the pram and the stairs were pretty steep, also being 28 weeks pregnant it was hard work just for me. But we made it thankfully haha, we walked back to the car and made our way back to the town, we stopped at Mc Donalds to grab a late lunch, it was around 2:30 so we all ate in silence while we gobbled it down, we then filled the car up with petrol in Tesco's and left Pembrokeshire at around 3:00pm. We was 20 minutes into the journey and I was already feeling super uncomfortable and my back was really hurting. Isla was watching Peppa Pig on the iPad so she was pretty content, we got stuck in a bit of traffic, and it took us 3 hours to get to the bridge to leave Wales. Overall once again it took us 7 hours to get home! We stopped for dinner at the services on the way home and for Perry to get a energy drink as he was pretty tired, and then we got home at just after 10pm! 

We had an amazing week away, we just wish it could of been a little longer as 2 days were pretty much used for travelling, but never mind. We have said that we will definitely be returning, maybe next year in the warmer months with both of the children! Thank you so much to anyone who has read the everyday posts of our break, I really wanted to jot them down to save the memories and share with you all our break and the photos. 

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