Baby Case Review

I was lucky enough to be picked to review the new Baby Case, I am so excited because I love to be organised and having a good bag with compartments etc is my dream! Even my new nappy bag has loads of compartments and pockets and I cant wait to use it once Bump gets here. Baby Case are also very kindly donating £1 from every bag sold to a worthy UK Children's Charity.

So what is a Baby Case? Basically its a travel suitcase for babies and toddlers. I have been abroad with Isla last year and also on a few UK breaks and both have been extremely stressful especially when it comes to packing, you really don't realise how much stuff you need to take away with you once you have a baby. Isla is now 2 and even a mid week break to Wales recently we had to pack up half the house to take with us, and soon we are going to have another baby, and we also have 2 holidays planned abroad this year plus hopefully a couple of weekend breaks away in the country so this bag is going to be a life saver! Even staying at relatives for the weekend I can see this bag becoming so useful for us and our lifestyle. I am also considering using this for mine and the baby's hospital bag and if I do you will be able to see it full of stuff, if not I will be using it soon for a break away so I will link that post here once we go so you can see how we pack. 

Here are a few features of the bag taken from the website:
  • Integrated & adaptable shelving system
  • Integrated and removable changing mat
  • ‘Wardrobe’ system
  • Toy bag
  • Toiletries bag
  • Detachable daily changing bag with rucksack straps
  • Release clips to attach to pushchair
  • Insulated cool bag
The Baby Case comes in a handy storage bag (pictured above) and it is easy to get it back into, I was skeptical at first as I have always struggled to get items back into bags they came in, but surprisingly this wasn't too bad, this makes it great for storing away in the top of your wardrobe or loft until you need it and it doesn't take up much room. 


The bag comes in a lovely design, and it takes around 5 minutes to set it all up from its storage bag, the first time we did it we was a little unsure where everything went but since doing it again it was a lot easier. The bag has the main compartment and on the right is another compartment that you can put the toiletry bag etc in plus shoes and other bulky items. The bag has 2 big carry handles that are long enough for you to hold the bag or put it over your shoulder to carry it. On the left is a zip that you can zip on the rucksack to make it easy to carry everything, and then you can simply unzip the rucksack which you can put the essentials in and bits you will need for your journey, like nappies, wipes, purse, it also has a compartment that is for the insulated bag making it ideal to use for food, drink and bottles. 

Here is the bag once the rucksack has been zipped on, it does make the bag quite long but I can see it being useful to carry the bag onto a train, or to the car and then once you get to it you can quickly and simply just unzip it and keep it with you. Its great because if you are in a busy airport, train station or even walking out to the car you need to have a hand free to hold onto your little one so instead of worrying about carrying loads of bags, or even loosing a bag you can keep it all together which is awesome. 

The Rucksack

The rucksack is a good size, you can put in the bottom compartment to make a level for the insulated bag to go in, that way if you have heavy items on top it won't squash your sandwiches or food that is in the insulated bag. There is 3 pockets on the top back of the bag which is good for smaller items, plus a mesh side to stop things flying out if you was to unzip the bag. You can also use the rucksack without the insulated bag and with or without the divide in it which is great so you can adapt it to your journey and needs. The rucksack also comes with a travel changing mat, we put it in the bottom of the rucksack as their was a zip pocket (see Right photo) so assume that is where it goes and it fits perfectly. It also has 2 side pockets to put bottles of drink or baby bottles in.


The inside is where I get the most excited, it has 2 trays that lift out, so again you have the option to use them if you need to or not, they also fold flat for storing in the storage bag. The velcro means you can put a divide in the trays wherever you need or want them. The side and top of the bag folds all the way to the bottom and can be used as a changing mat for baby which is great for on the go, plus mesh pockets on the front for more organising! I love the idea of the trays as it means you can easily divide the stuff, maybe a child per tray, or parents on top and baby's stuff in the bottom tray. You will easily be able to grab things and find them too, I think even my other half will have no trouble finding items when I ask for them! The top tray is not as deep as the bottom, so bulky items would be best in the bottom of the bag, like tubs of formula, nappies etc. I love the blue colour inside as well as it is nice and bright instead of rummaging around inside a dark bag for bits this is great to be able to view everything. 

Handy Extras

The bag comes with handy extras, like a good size toiletry bag, a bag that you can hang in a wardrobe using a hanger, making it easy to store baby clothes and outfits, and a bag to store baby's toys in so they are easily accessible when baby needs them. 

Toiletry Bag

Hanging Wardrobe System
Toy Bag

Bad Points 

- Zips are quite stiff - possibly because its new and will get easier in time.

- No instructions on how to assemble and where everything goes - we was a little confused the first time we was putting it all together on where things went etc but you do learn quickly.

- The price - Its RRP is £120 which unless you are going to use the bag a lot or travel a lot can be quite pricey just to use on the odd occasion.

- Maybe wheels or option to buy a frame with wheels to put bag on - the bag alone can be quite heavy and I would imagine once filled with all of baby's items it will be pretty heavy, maybe good to get Daddy to carry this bag! 

- I would love to see this bag come in a variety of sizes, maybe a Medium size bag and then a Small one for hand luggage on a plane as I love the storage idea and think that would be great. I would imagine this bag would be the Large one.


I absolutely love the bag and cant wait to use it when we go away in the UK and also abroad, I think we will get a lot of use out of this bag as we do regularly like to go away for weekend breaks either to relatives or away elsewhere. The bag would be great if you travel a lot, and also love to be crazily organised and love to have different size pockets that can adapt to your needs. We can either use it just for the kids bag or if we are only staying away for the weekend we can use it for all of our stuff. Its great that you can zip the rucksack onto the bag making it easy to carry one whole bag instead of loads of different ones, also the way it all flat packs and goes back into a storage bag is great for storing it away when not in use. All of the bits it comes with are great, and useful to use for what type of travel you are using the bag for, the changing mats are super plush and comfy as well which is nice. The design and colour of the bag is lovely too - I love the inside of the bag its my favourite it makes me so happy when I see all the pockets and compartments, yes that may sound sad but seriously when travelling with little ones this bag is just a parents dream. I feel the price may be a bit off putting to a average family and would probably be a good buy if you was to travel a lot, I know we couldn't justify the price before, but now that we are going to have 2 children and also are travelling a lot more it will definitely be well used.

* I was sent this Baby Case for the purpose of this review, I was not paid to write this and as always all thoughts and opinions are my own*
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  1. Love this! I'm compartment crazy ;)
    I find my changing bag is a nightmare for finding things in.

    Lisa x

    1. I LOVE compartments and pockets it just makes my mind feel better lmao x

  2. This bag looks amazing! Great detailed review :-) Not sure I can justify the price tag at the moment though. Defo one for parents who travel lots! X Becca


    1. Thank you :) Yes definitely perfect if you travel a lot :) x

  3. This looks so handy!!
    Would have been perfect for us when we were on holiday 3 weeks ago. I may need to purchase one for when we go abroad next year!


    1. I think its going to be great for us now especially with going away with 2 children eeek thanks for commenting :) x

  4. What a flipping genius idea! We're taking our first family holiday abroad this year so something like this would be great for Amy's stuff.
    Thanks for joining us on #TriedTested this week :) x

    1. I think its brilliant! So excited to use it :) Thanks for commenting x

  5. That is a super useful organisational bag, I think you could get so much use from this.


    1. Definitely, it will be well used by us :) x

  6. Great review!,
    Love all the compartments, ideal for all of my baby boys things :)

  7. This is the most fantastic idea - would make a great hospital bag too! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

    1. Yes it certainly would :) we love it so much x

  8. I love all the compartments so you don't lose everything at the bottom of the bag!

    1. Its brilliant, love that it has 2 trays to divide the stuff as well :) x

  9. Such a good idea, I love how organised everything would be! The price is a bit steep but maybe it will go down if it got more popular xx

    1. Yeah its definitely a good bag to be organised, I agree about the price, if you travelled a lot then definitely a worth it buy xx

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