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Since Isla started pre school we have been trying to help her with her learning at home, but she is so independent and strong minded that she wont let us, she just gets frustrated with us or acts silly and says the wrong answers even if she knows what the right answer is. I also don't like her spending to much time on the iPad, she has to earn her time on it by behaving well or doing chores, and she is allowed a 30 minute slot at a time. We have recently been trying out the Kidloland App and have to say it has become a firm favourite! Even much so that Isla will opt to play this in her free time on the iPad instead of watching the kinder egg openings on youtube! She does get time on the iPad just for educational games, but we also allow her to have free time and so she would normally watch youtube. But Kidloland has definitely taken over, the app is full of things for her to do from listening to nursery rhymes to playing occupational games where she can put fires out (she currently wants to be a firewoman as she grows up!) and I love she can act the job out already, I have to admit she seems great for the job! 

The app has nursery rhymes, stories, phonics, A B C songs, games, activities, create & play occupations, wheels on the bus, weather and seasons, dinosaurs, old Macdonald songs, vehicles, animal kingdom, fruits and vegetables, row your boat, numbers, lullabies, colours and shapes, months and days and Christmas songs. Each category that you click on is a whole load of more things for them to do within each category, its just full of educational things for them to do and I have no worry of Isla playing on this. I already overheard her saying out loud H for house etc which is just amazing for her as I have been trying so hard to help her learn the alphabet, but she allows me to sit and help her with this... sometimes, but its a start at least. I love that the app is AD free and certified safe by the KidSAFE program, and I am not surprised to hear this is an award winning app, I think its brilliant.

She loves doing the puzzles and the interaction games where she has to wash the animals etc, she really enjoys the occupation category which I think is awesome as she can see how many jobs there are, there is also one that she likes where you put the outfits on the bears to dress them in their work clothes. There are a few bits that she does get stuck on like they asked her to touch all the things that began with F and she was a bit unsure, but for the most part she can navigate and use the app by herself. We have the app on our iPad and also on my iPhone, you can also have it on a iPod touch too. There is so so much available on this app, so many features as well like being able to download songs for use when offline which is great for travelling, as well as getting new content every month so the app will always be fun and engaging for your little ones. I think its nice that Isla at age 3 and Archie at 17 months old can both enjoy this app, Archie loves the songs and watching the stories and Isla loves the more interactive games. 

You can download and use the free version of the app or you can subscribe and get $4.99 per month, $24.99 for 6 months or $39.99 for a year and get the full use of the app and unlock all the awesome features. I am giving away a 3 month subscription for 3 lucky winners so enter below for your chance to win and let your little ones try out the app, and this is available worldwide!

Download the app on iOS here
Download the app on Google Play Store here
Download the app on Amazon App Store here

* We was gifted a 12 month subscription in exchange for our honest review. 

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